Power Clamp Meter-HP-850F
basic information:

These meters can easy measure one/three

 phase power and current.Are appropriate for 

power system and power supply circuit 

measurement and maintenance


 AC Voltage    15V~600V
 AC Current    40A~1000A
 Frequency     20Hz~500Hz

Express function

Display                      9999
 Range Select            Auto
 Active Power           0.01kW~600kW
 Apparent Power       0.01kWA~600kWA
 Reactive Power        0.01kWAr~600kWAr
 Power Factor           0.3~1.0
 Phase Angle            0°~360°
 Active Energy           1~9999kWh
 Phase Rotation Tes        √
 AC True RMS                √
 Data memory            99 Groups
 MAX/MIN                      √
 USB                             √
" Single-phase 2-wire.
 3-phase 3-wire.              √
 3-phase 4-wire." 
 Data Hold                      √
 Back Light                     √
 Auto Power Off              √ 
 Jaw Caliber                  55mm

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