PM2.5 tester-HP-5800D
basic information:

This instrument is of high precision, short measuring time,

stable performance, strong function, easy operation,

low power consumption, with functions of time display,

real time measurement, can also set up three points every

day timing measurement and data save, very suitable for

indoor and outdoor environmental monitoring, can also be

used in the detection of air purification machine to

air purification effect.

Measuring principle: Laser scattering
The range of PM2.5 detection:0-999.9 μg/m3
The resolution of PM2.5: 0.1 μg/m3
The range of PM10 detection:0-999.9μg/m3
The resolution of PM10: 0.1 μg/m3
The minimum of particle diameter :0.3 μm
Relative Accuracy:±20% or ±15μg/m3 MAX
Auto power off: 5 minutes after no push button, the meter automatically enter
to power off mode
Power: 7.4V Li-ion Battery   capacity: 1400mAh
Power Adapter:9V Charging current: 2.0A
Working time:Approx. 30 hours
Working temperature:5—45℃
Storage temperature:-20—70℃
Size of product:196*95*46 mm
Weight of product:0.42 kg

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