A portable automatic meteorological station, measuring wind speed climate good helper

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-31

a portable automatic meteorological station main function and measurement elements

the host unit, the sensor, instrument portable automatic weather station of box and accessories. Accessories include: three stents, ac adapter, communication cable, military ones.

a portable automatic meteorological station main functions and technical parameters of

a portable automatic meteorological station main features include:

1, display, store the ground meteorological data

2, adjustable data storage time interval

3, equipped with a cable interface, measuring data real-time transmission to the computer, also can be stored data transfer to computer

4, liquid crystal display and keyboard backlighting

5, have battery indicator, battery charging function

the portable automatic meteorological station main elements: the wind on the ground, customs, temperature, pressure, and humidity of the air,

application case: airport small mobile automatic anemometer weather stations

mobile automatic meteorological station is custom developed specifically for civil aviation airport can make up for the business monitoring stations, this system has the advantage of all the sensor precision can be comparable to the airport from the view of system equipment, at the same time, the data can be directly connected to the airport meteorological system platform. The system of high precision, no one duty, strong anti-jamming capability, feature-rich software, easy to carry, strong adaptability. This system is a major event mobile emergency services, airport short-term weather protection, disaster prevention and reduction, emergency command, the field choice of scientific detection and other related applications.


mining collector: FAMEMS 3000 data acquisition system

work environment: - 50 ~ + 80 ℃, 0 ~ 100% RH

as accuracy, real-time clock, the accuracy is better than 10 seconds/month

by sex: MTBF & gt; 10000 hours

electricity source, ac/dc/solar power

power control, charge and discharge control/temperature compensation/discharge protection ( Ac/dc) Protection grade: IP65 standard

output data: can set the interval of data collection and storage, the minimum acquisition interval to 60 seconds

communication methods: RS232 / RS485

data release: server/display/mobile end

measurement sensing elements

measurement ( Measurement parameters)

air temperature: - 80℃~+60℃; Accuracy: & le; ± 0. 2 ℃

air humidity: 0. 8~100% RH; Accuracy: & plusmn; 1. 2% RH

wind speed, wind direction: 0 ~ 360 & deg; ; Accuracy: & plusmn; 3° ; Wind: 0 ~ 75 m/s; Accuracy: & plusmn; ( 0. 3 + 0. 03v) M/s

rainfall: bearing diameter: water & Phi; 200毫米; Measuring range: 0 ~ 4 mm/min. The accuracy of the essence: & plusmn; 4%; The output signal: pulse ( A pulse = 1 mm precipitation)

photosynthetic effective: spectral range: 400 ~ 700 nm; Signal range: 0 ~ 4000 & mu; ml; Sensitivity: 3 ~ 30 & mu; 第V /μ mol? m - 2? s - 1; Error: temperature & plusmn; 2%

collector and extended interface

mining collector: QML201 data collector

power supply way and the communication interface

communication interface: RS232 / GPRS

communication methods: RS232 cable directly connected/GPRS /

mode of power supply: ac 220 v/solar + battery

power consumption: 3 - 5 w

running environment

working environment temperature: - 50 ~ + 80 ℃

work relative humidity: 0 ~ 100% RH

the reliability and maintenance cycle

protection grade: IP65

can rely on sex, free maintenance, prevent salt fog, dustproof

mechanical index

main body material: aluminum titanium alloy

surface treatment: galvanized, electrophoresis paint processing white mass-tone

installation height: professional tripod

typical applications

the civil aviation airport emergency mobile monitoring

general airport location observation

commercial airport emergency mobile monitoring

uav meteorological support

added weather modification meteorological data

emergency ( Such as fires, floods) Emergency response

the scene of sudden severe weather monitoring and temporary cloth net

temporary meteorological observation point

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