About the structure of the wind speed wind vane

by:HoldPeak     2020-06-10
Wind speed and direction finder is designed for a variety of large mechanical equipment research and development of large-scale intelligent wind speed sensor alarm equipment. System stability, strong anti-interference ability, high detection precision is high, the wind cup the use of special materials, high mechanical strength, strong ability to resist wind, displays chassis design novel and unique, durable, easy installation and use. Wind speed and direction finder has advanced technology, high measurement precision, large capacity of data, remote sensing distance, friendly man-machine interface, the advantage of high reliability, widely used in meteorology, Marine, environment, airports, ports, industrial and agricultural and transportation and other fields. Wind instrument consists of the following two parts: part 1, direction: by the vane and the direction of the wind scale ( Magnetic compass) And so on, the wind by wind pointer value for the location of the wind on the dial. Part 2, wind speed: the traditional three-ring rotating frame structure, the instrument inside the single chip microcomputer sampling, for the wind speed sensor's output frequency is calculated, after zui instrument output instantaneous wind speed, average wind speed, the instantaneous wind scale, one minute one minute on average level, average wind speed and wind waves.
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