After buying anemometer before use the matters needing attention

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-21

anemometer instructions before use check: inspection instrument use regulations

the first instrument of transfer into, distribution, and shall have the acceptance procedure, find the shortage or quality defects should be dealt with in a timely manner.

the second instruments should register separately, JianKa LiDang. Instrument archives should include instrument specifications; Acceptance and commissioning records; Instruments of various initial parameters; Regular maintenance, maintenance, calibration, calibration and usage of registration record, etc.

the third instruments have the personnel management, responsible for the daily maintenance work, check its technical performance on a regular basis. Precision instruments can not move, if any damage shall not open, should timely report to inform relevant personnel, after the approval of the department head to send equipment maintenance department.

article 4 precision instrument installation, commissioning, use and maintenance shall be strictly in accordance with the requirements of instrument instruction manual. All instrument users should take good care of instruments and equipment, light with light, avoid by all means brutal operation. Article 5 of the

should be taken before using the instrument inspection instrument is normal. During the running of equipment, may not leave without authorization, found anomalies and fault timely shutdown, make relevant record and report the matter immediately, head of the laboratory, shall not withhold, to repair.

6 using instrument, shall be carried out in strict accordance with the procedures, in violation of operating procedures and instrument, the equipment damage due to any improper safekeeping, to hold any responsibility.

article 7 all kinds of instruments and equipment ( Except for refrigerator, temperature cabinet) After using, should immediately cut off the power and knob recovery place, completes promptly clean up, fill out using records, together with the administrators to check whether the equipment is in good condition, the administrator sign, cover dust cover rear can leave.

article 8 susceptible to wet air, acid or alkaline solutions such as erosion and rusty instrument, should be timely after using scrub clean, ventilated, dry place preservation. Article 9 of

aging become sticky rubber products should prevent heat, light or contact with organic solvent, rinse after use should be placed in containers with cover or stored in plastic bags.

article 10 of the instruments and equipment should be kept clean.

(article 11 instruments due to human factors, If not according to the conditions of use and operation procedures, etc. ) Causes the damage of key components for the accident. After the accident, the parties shall be promptly reported to the department head, state the reason for the situation.

article 12 need to be scrapped equipment, submit an application by the administrator and the reasons why, after the unit leadership for approval, led by the examination and approval, and register, the corresponding scrap formalities. After the instrument and equipment scrapped and its original archives permanent preservation.

article 13 of the instrument is only used to deal with the daily work and emergency department, without the permission of the administrator and other personnel are not allowed to be used, mobile, transfer, remove and lending instruments. Who need to borrow the instrument, the uniform loan registration form, fill in the instrument, with the approval of the unit leadership signature rear can lend, return immediately after use, shall not be occupied for a long time. Lending instruments returned, the administrator shall check instrument is normal, if there are any damage, loss, AD valorem compensation. Article 14

instrument room should have safety facilities, regular check, and completes the fire prevention, security and other safety work. Any loss or other accident, should be timely find out the reason, and report the unit leadership.

article 15 instrument administrator because of job relocation or leave for a long time, must hand over formalities. After the handover, handed over to both sides and sign the unit leadership.

anemometer before use check

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