Air anion purifier features

by:HoldPeak     2020-06-07
Features a: super filter net big particles, small particles, the majestic

front mesh: filter net of large size particles in the air, such as dust, hair, etc.

HEPA rate of particle filter

to filter small to 0. 008 microns, strong penetrating power of aerosols, air filter net rate is as high as 99%. Bacteria, viruses, fungi spores, pollen, asbestos, radon decay products, such as more than 70 kinds of pollutants, all net.

features two, seven heavy filter net design, fully purify air quality

1 heavy coarse filter, can filter particles larger dust in the air, prolong the service life of filter, guarantee the lasting stable job.

2 can compound HEPA filter layer, which can effectively remove residual tiny particles of dust, bacteria and flue gas.

3 heavy sterilizing filter has strong antibacterial silver nanoparticles and mouldproof function, eliminating bacteria and blackberry bacteria in the air.

4 heavy activated carbon filter can effectively remove odor and harmful gas.

5 heavy cold catalyst filter, can remove formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds (TVOC multifunction filter can remove pollen, dust.

UV lamp, 6 by ultraviolet radiation, can change microbial structure of DNA damage, the bacteria died instantly, and to achieve sterilization.

7 heavy increasing oxygen anion generator, release the high concentration of negative ions, aerobic treatment of indoor air, pure, pure and fresh and natural space.

features three, sustained release of active oxygen anion

the seven of the anion efficacy:

1. Purify indoor air, dust dust removal

2. To kill bacteria and remove viruses harm

3. To eliminate static electricity, restore the body activity

4. Increase the oxygen to the brain, promote the development of intelligence

5. Improve microcirculation, strengthen the function of preserving system

6. Prevention health care, promote human body independent life

7. Improving acidic disease, blood scavenger

month net core 300000 / cubic centimeters of sustained release negative ions, anytime make fresh air

in the rain forest's breathing enjoy

effectively promote the body metabolism, improve human immunity, improve sleep, reduce the incidence of disease, prevent colds and respiratory diseases.

1。 Enhance immunity

2. Promote metabolism

3. Improve sleep and health

4. Enhance lung breath

features four, fast purify

ultra-high speed mode confirmed by experimental tests, on net core air purifier can output per minute up to about 71 cubic meters of clean air. 30 minutes filter net 36 square meters of indoor air, rapid processing air smell, smoke, or other contaminants.

features five, quiet energy-saving

wind speed when working in 1 gear, only 29 db noise, such as ear whisper energy saving province electricity wind speed when working in 1 gear, annual power consumption only 35 degrees, electricity was only 22 yuan renminbi, reassure you and your family to enjoy a comfortable indoor environment.

features six, intelligent system

air quality to acquire a sense of micro sensor, automatic monitoring function for indoor air quality in the clear. Automatic mode is started, the machine running speed will automatically switch according to the particle sensor sensing data. Time as set through the control panel to set run time, give you light air literally decrease with time

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