Air negative oxygen ion detector in the urban ecological environment have practical significance

by:HoldPeak     2020-06-15
Air negative oxygen ion detector in the urban ecological environment have the practical significance of the atmospheric concentration of negative oxygen ion detector application domain anion observation, forecasting and research mainly applied to environmental meteorology meteorology, ecological meteorology, tourism and other disciplines. Through the establishment of the negative ion monitoring network, from the perspective of ecological meteorology, tourism weather, in different time and space scales, different underlying surface, different weather process, small particle size of negative ion concentration distribution characteristics in different seasons. Meteorological department using anion concentrations and meteorological conditions, the relationship between on air negative ions concentration in weather forecast, will greatly expand the meteorological services and service content, can produce larger social benefits and the potential economic benefits. Environmental protection departments using anion concentrations and atmospheric environment, the relationship between urban ecological environment and indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring, will have great realistic significance. At present, air negative oxygen ion detector in the ecological environment monitoring and air quality detection, negative ion concentration has become an indispensable important indicators. And the systematic observation and prediction of atmospheric anion and television, satellite television broadcast, etc. , have been relevant departments on the agenda in some provinces. Negative ion content, Concentration) In scenic spots, forest park, beach, Niagara Falls, etc. Tourists in addition to go to places of historic interest, more and more to the negative ion content ( Concentration) High scenic spot to accept air bath, to absorb the vitamin in the air. Negative ion content, Concentration) As one of the main factors to attract tourists.
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