An indicator is how to calculate wind speed

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-22

vane is how to calculate the average wind speed?

vane manufacturers use effect is very good, at the same time use effect is very good, in terms of use, the determination of wind speed and direction is very accurate. Wind is the movement of air flow is known as the wind, a lot of time in the process of change is also a small size of the head, by and large size to measure, to the end of the rules is three dimensional vector measurement.

and we are in real life are generally on the ground measurement, is a two-dimensional vector, this is generally measured according to the actual situation to the wind, as in our life can also be carried out on the actual wind speed measurement, the measurement of average wind speed are decimal point a, and the largest wind speed is within a certain period of time, the largest in ten minutes, the average wind speed is also have certain difference, the instantaneous wind speed is generally over a certain period of time the winds on value, generally calculate average up, on the average and the standard, general average is three seconds, two minutes on average, ten minutes, on average, three criteria.

but also has artificial observations, this is usually at sea island observation is more, this has a lot of testing, through measuring the average wind speed, maximum wind speed, maximum wind speed. Use and single wing wind direction sensor.

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