Anemometer and automatic weather station should be built in where

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-24

why anemometer and meteorological observation field are set up in the empty place?

observation field all over the country have a certain distance away from the building, and there are a lot of space around. Why meteorological observation field are built on open place?

because of rain, snow, frost, mist, and other weather phenomenon, which is by the air flow condition, the change of temperature, allowing the air contains water vapor condensation phenomenon. Therefore, to understand the change in the weather, the first thing to understand the nature of the air. The nature of the air much affected by the environment, such as indoors, the winter temperature is higher than outdoor, summer low temperature than outdoor; Also is outdoor, temperature is higher than the north, south of the house; In the wind, the passage between the buildings, the wind is often more big than empty place.

this because of the environmental impact caused by the special circumstances, only useful study microclimate. In order to get accurate data of meteorological elements to make accurate weather forecast, the first thing to the natural shape of mastery of the air, so you have to avoid the influence of the environment. How to avoid the influence of the environment?

this is about to make the weather stations around the observation area, open air can circulate freely. Secondly, in the observation field, to measure the sunshine, temperature and wind and rain, etc. , to avoid shade from the sun, and to avoid the wind and the rain is blocked by the surrounding buildings, also need to open around the venue. Third, observation field, observation and visibility, but also observed weather phenomenon in the distance, if all round built-up, blocking the line of sight, for these phenomena cannot be observed.

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