Anemometer applications: wind power generators

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-26

anemometer, scope of application: can be used in wind power, meteorology, industry, agriculture, hydrology and water conservancy, environmental protection, highway, airport and port, etc.

affecting the safe operation of the wind farm meteorological disasters mainly tropical cyclones, strong thunderstorms, tornadoes, sandstorm, low temperature and ice, of which the most tropical cyclones.

牛; IEC61400 standard wind turbine safety requirements specified in each grade wind turbine design parameters, including 10 minutes on average maximum wind speed can be divided into 4:50, 42 meters/SEC. 5, 37 meters/SEC. 5 m/s and the 30 m/s, corresponding to different fan design level. To understand how coastal areas can be affected by the tropical cyclone, with our offshore division cordon around three weft is apart from the sea, into the alert zone for tropical cyclones affecting China's coastal, 1961 ~ 2006 from 428 into the area of tropical cyclones, use Shanghai typhoon institute during the influence of tropical cyclone weather stations along the wind data, according to the station to pick these under the influence of the tropical cyclone maximum wind speed, the distribution as shown in figure 2. South of hangzhou bay coastal winds basically all above 25 m/s, north of hangzhou bay is mostly under 25 m/s, that is to say, the wind farm, north of hangzhou bay in the possibility of a tropical cyclone damage is very small. Wind speeds of more than 35 m/s area in northern fujian and zhejiang coastal and western in south fujian and guangdong and hainan east coast, more than 40 m/s area is focused on the coast of guangdong and hainan east coast of the east of the pearl river mouth, the strongest occurred near the shanwei, i. e. wind farm in these areas and vulnerable to the destruction of the tropical cyclone.

at present about 75% of the country's fan installed capacity in three north areas, these areas winter low temperature, low temperature become an important factor affecting the safe operation of the wind farm. Studies have shown that almost all the metal material fatigue limit with the decreasing of the temperature and improve, so in fan design, when the environment temperature is below - commonly At 30 ℃, the fan will automatically stop. When the environment temperature is less than. . . 20 ℃ after wind speed over the rated wind speed, the fan will happen in the normal operation of the irregular and unpredictable moments blade vibration, tend to cause the machine stop, and easily lead to blade crack. In addition, the lubricating oil used by wind turbines is affected by temperature is bigger also, because the lower the temperature the greater the viscosity of oil, make its liquidity, need lubricating parts may not be sufficient oil supply, so as to endanger the safety of the equipment. For low temperature wind generator can run normally, in some key components increase the heater, temperature control.

a thunderstorm is another important factor to safe operation of wind farms. The release of lightning energy will cause the damage of wind turbine blades, engine burning insulation breakdown, control components, etc. Thunderstorms frequency is very high in the south of China, so the damage to the wind farm is more frequent. Delfin wen can according to the shenzhen technology co. , LTD Liang Zhibiao DE statistics, wind farms of guangdong red bay many times by lightning incident, after the production of blade hit rate was 4%, and the other electrical components were hit rate is as high as 20% of communication. In summer in the north of China, as severe thunderstorms, though not as good as the south, but also damage wind turbines, such as zhangjiakou region of a wind farm in September by the storm, the units have been struck by lightning, after blowing winds, sets a blade damage.

icing has a great influence on wind farm security, when the fan blade surface of a large number of icing, will cause the blade load increased, at the same time make roughness increases, thus reducing the wings of the pneumatic, affect the normal operation of the unit. In addition, the fan with sonde icing, will make the wind data, the direction of the wind deviation will affect fan active yaw, wind speed are not allowed to affect the normal fan power. Transmission line icing, wire fracture caused by wire and increase the weight, influence power.

牛; Strong dust storm happens often wind up to magnitude 8 above, some even up to 12 level, winds fan downtime is obvious. At the same time, the entrainment of the wind sand will not only make the blade surface serious wear and tear, even can cause foliar uneven, fan output; Also can destroy the blade strength and toughness, impact on the performance of the fan.

all in all, tropical cyclones, thunderstorm, strong sandstorms, low temperature and ice all can affect the safety of wind farms, the wind farm site selection and feasibility study should be sufficient attention, in the process of the operation of the wind farm to have comprehensive preventive measures.

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