Anemometer can be used in the measurement of the industry

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-24

anemometer suitable measurement have?

anemometer is one of the velocity signal into electrical signal speed measuring instrument, also can measure fluid temperature or density. Its principle is that the thin wire of a electric heat ( Call hotline) Put in air, hot line heat dissipating capacity is related to flow velocity in the air, and hotline temperature change caused by the resistance resulting from heat dissipating capacity of the velocity signal is transformed into electrical signals.

anemometer suitable for:

1. Measuring the average flow velocity and direction.

2。 Measurement to flow pulsation rate and its frequency spectrum.

3。 Measure the Reynolds stress and turbulent two speed correlation and time correlation.

4。 Measure the wall shear stress ( Is usually used with wall is placed flush hot film probe, principle similar to hot line speed) 。

5。 Measure the fluid temperature ( Probe resistance is measured in advance along with the change of fluid temperature curve, and then according to the measured resistance can determine the temperature probe.

in addition, hot-line anemometer in addition to the ordinary single type, also can be a combination of double wire or 3 line, used to measure velocity component in all directions. From the hotline output electric signal, after amplification, compensation, and digital input computer, can improve the accuracy of measurement, automatic data post-processing process, expanding speed function, such as the completion of instantaneous value and at the same time points and the mean and speed, turbulence and other turbulence parameters measurement.

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