Anemometer in use process there will be a problem

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-23

problems common in wind direction wind speed recorder

wind speed recorder will often appear what problem, wuhan anemometer manufacturer below small make up, is to introduce the related content briefly.

in the process of using, wind speed sensors may appear in turn, is not very flexible, phenomenon of cassette.

wind speed indicator values will appear there is a certain deviation phenomenon, when the wind came, have high phenomenon may occur. If appear in these circumstances, the analysis of the need to be timely, can be certain measurement of wind speed sensor.

if there is a problem during, may need to replace sensor, if you have any card phenomenon appears, you need to in a timely manner to the corresponding sensor cleaning, if necessary also need to replace the sensor. Check the cable and power supply system problems, if found that rotation is flexible, without some abnormal noise, said there is no question of the rotation of the wind speed sensor.

to see if there are any corresponding numerical, if no problem, you need to look at other parts if you have any questions. The wind sensor is also may appear problem, also the problem is often seen in is not very flexible, will also have a cassette. Value if it is found that the wind does not change, the other position of jump phenomenon, said wind-direction sensors have a diode appear bad phenomenon.

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