Anemometer is generally used in what industry? Meteorology, mining

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-23

anemometer main use

1, the measurement of average flow velocity and direction.

2。 Measurement to flow pulsation rate and its frequency spectrum.

3。 Measure the Reynolds stress and turbulent two speed correlation and time correlation.

4。 Measure the wall shear stress ( Is usually used with wall is placed flush hot film probe, principle similar to hot line speed) 。

5。 Measure the fluid temperature ( Probe resistance is measured in advance along with the change of fluid temperature curve, and then according to the measured resistance can determine the temperature probe.

in addition also developed many professional purposes.

how to use the

1. Anemometer before use to observe whether electric meter pointer refers to zero, if there are any deviation, mechanical adjustment screws can be gently adjusted the meters, return pointer to zero;

2。 Put calibration switch in the location of the broken

3. Rod will plug in the socket, rod vertical placed, plug pressure probe seal, calibration switch in full position, slowly adjust the full adjustment knobs, make the electric meter pointer refers to the full;

4。 Put calibration switch at zero, slowly adjust the coarse and fine tuning two knobs, make electric meter pointer to point to in the location of the zero

5. After the above steps, gently pull the plug, the rod probe show ( The length can be according to the need to choose) And the probe on the red dot face toward the direction of the wind, according to the degree of meter reading, consult the calibration curve, can be found to be measured wind speed;

6。 Anemometer in the determination of a number of points ( About 10 min) , you must repeat the above steps 3 and 4, make the current to get inside the instrument standardization

7. Measurement, correction switch should be placed on the location of the broken.

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