Anemometer is used to measure the wind speed which matters need attention

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-11

measuring wind note

(1) the wind side table dial back wind flow, namely wind member can see dial; Otherwise, the wind back table pointer will happen.

2. The wind from table can't too close to the body, otherwise it will cause greater error.

table on the measuring line moves, (3) the wind speed must be uniform.

(4) the impeller type table must be perpendicular to wind direction, wind should be paid attention to more when the sloping roadway wind.

(5) in the same section wind number should not be less than 3 times, each time error should not exceed 5% of the measurement result.

6 wind table range should be adapted to determine the wind speed; Otherwise, will cause the wind damage or inaccurate measurement, even without moving impeller can't measure. When the wind speed is more than 10 m/s, should choose high speed wind table; When the wind speed is zero. 5 ~ 10 m/s, choose medium speed wind table; When the wind speed is less than 0. 5 m/s, want to choose a low-speed wind table.

7) in order to reduce the measurement error, general requirements within 1 min, just make the wind table from the starting point of the mobile route to the finish.

today also should pay attention to wind table calibration validity before use.

wind operation note

1. Wind industry must dress neatly, with the wind when all the tools you need and computing instruments. According to the size of the tunnel wind speed selection table wind.

2。 Within the roadway locations must be in anemometers locations have anemometers wind, wind temporary site choose roadway neat, and before and after 10 m branch, the location of the blockage in the wind.

3。 Inclined lane roadway cross section to keep wind wind the timing and vertical, and will not enforce traffic, pedestrians don't the rules of the road.

4。 When wind wind work carefully observe the location of wind supporting security situation, roof and floor, in case of accident.

5。 When elevated roadway wind, pay attention to the wiring, conditional when wind again after the blackout, fight to get an electric shock accidents.

6。 In each wind wind, must first check the gas, the gas is not overrun with wind.

7。 Every wind wind sites must be not less than three times, and with 3 times the average for the determination of tunnel ventilation air volume.

8。 Such as the determination of air volume and air distribution plan or normal air volume is large, must be carefully to find the reason, and timely processing. Can't solve to report in a timely manner.

9。 After the wind, should fill in the wind in the wind records, in order to let more staff understand mine ventilation.

10。 Wind all wind instruments must be properly kept, it is strictly prohibited.

the foreign famous creative products on Kickstarter funding often appear all sorts of strange and practical products, however, this is to introduce Vaavud portable wind speed measuring instrument. In principle, the device actually not complex, but the designer will seemingly disparate smartphone together with ordinary anemometer.

Vaavud skillfully use 3. 5 mm standard headphone jack to connected to the smartphone, anemometer is responsible for collecting data, and to match the application can for data analysis, and its original advanced algorithm can be indoor and human data ( Blow air, for example) Ruled out. Vaavud also will cloud services is blended in among them, the Internet users from all over the world can be upload to server local wind conditions, according to the statistics Vaavud headquarters a week can be received more than 4000 data.

it is reported that currently support the portable equipment of anemometer iPhone 4/4 s / 5/5 c / 5 s, the Galaxy S3 / S4, the Nexus and HTC One, sells for $50 ( RMB 310) 。 It is worth mentioning that famous agricultural company Lantmä Nnen Maskin AB is one of the partners of Vaavud, real-time monitoring of the company using the portable anemometer Sweden local wind condition and on this basis to select suitable spraying period, so that it can reduce the pesticide to human contact. In addition, considering the wind speed and wind can produce interference for many outdoor sports, the author thinks that Vaavud is also very useful for extreme sports enthusiasts, it seems a little Vaavud can really make our life more beautiful.

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