Anemometer used in the process of how to maintain

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-17

anemometer, how to maintain?

wuhan anemometer used on performance is very good, but these advanced instrument using a lot of people don't understand, especially how to keep the anemometer accuracy, is inseparable from the daily maintenance work. Wuhan anemometer small make up just to tell you today how should maintain?

first, use must not take combustible materials on the anemometer, also cannot put anemometer probe of flammable gas, is also likely to be a fire situation, serious can occur, use must according to the requirement of the instruction for use, if use undeserved, is likely to get an electric shock, as a whole will burn out the sensor, if the use situation of odor or smoke on, then immediately shutdown take out the battery, or are likely to be struck by lightning in May.

then, don't put the probe and anemometer is exposed to the water or the rain, don't look down upon, the possible click, you should be careful when the operation, at the same time not to touch the probe position sensor, using on if you don't use for a long time, you will need to take out the battery, prevent the risk of leakage. At the same time, don't put the anemometer in high temperature, dusty environment, or internal components are likely to be damaged.

in the end, use the do not use volatile liquid to wipe the anemometer, or it will lead to change color shell, at the same time use may also affect or damage condition, so be careful.

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