Anemometer: using a mobile phone can also measure wind speed

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-26

micro letter hand anemometer on

and mobile map, pedometer, flashlight on the use of the machine itself function, small tools, it was named Vaavud anemometer, will be added to your mobile phone a cup shaped like a wind anemometer external devices. Its founder, Thomas holmes ( 托马斯·赫尔姆斯) Believe that through the use of the user, the anemometer will bring traditional meteorological observation method is difficult to obtain fine observation data.

this anemometer is designed from Thomas's personal interests. As a fan of kite surfing, Thomas requires attention to the situation of the wind. At first, he obtain information from the weather forecast. However, conventional meteorological observation site density is always limited, and often unpredictable wind, hundreds of meters apart, is likely to encounter different situation. For the surfers of the sea, the weather forecast information provided by far cannot satisfy their demand for wind speed and direction of refinement.

and Thomas this small anemometer is designed. It through the headphone jack and mobile phone connection, and then the input data in the form of sound waves, and on a mobile phone application converted into wind speed and wind direction data of the same name. In this way, people can know the exact data at any time.

after the birth of the portable anemometer, is not only a kite surfing enthusiasts, some of the other in the daily life and work is sensitive to wind direction, wind speed has also become the loyal users. Including the sailor, sailing enthusiasts or crane, drone operators, etc. Now, the user can view in the mobile application worldwide usage: monitoring stations across America, Europe, and part of the coast of Africa and east Asia.

for meteorological department, the spontaneous, decentralized, intensification of observation is the beneficial supplement of traditional observation network, even the national weather service in a similar experiment was carried out. But how to integrate the scattered information, and make it into a usable, unified data, and applied to the weather forecast, is still is a research topic. ( Source: China meteorological news)

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