Aneroid barometer of faults and solution

by:HoldPeak     2020-06-08

aneroid barometer of the shell is made fully sealed structure, and fill the damping oil inside the shell, because of its vibration damping effect can be used in the work environment or medium pressure ( Load) Pulse measurement sites. What are aneroid barometer common fault? How to solve? 1, each fixed-point out-of-tolerance values are the same. Can after booster, other than the zero * a fixed-point reinstall pointer, calibration value. 2, the difference between a linear error. Error gradually increases, the value for adjusting screw to offshoring to increase arm length; On the other hand, is to move in, reduce the arm length. 3, fast (indicating error Positive error) After a slow, Negative error) 。 Counterclockwise rotation movement and expand the tie rod and the Angle of sector gear; Conversely, the clockwise rotation movement, narrow Angle. After adjustment. Error linear error, and then move in value adjustment screw. 4, near half pressure value for super poor. After booster, can replace the pointer in the middle position, if not eliminate error, you should adjust the tie rod and sector gear Angle, a comprehensive adjustment. 5, only one or two points. Check the movement near the point of composition, when positive difference, gear mesh with dirt and burr; Negative differential, tooth tooth wear and injury, should be repaired or replaced. 6, on a pressure gauge adjusted for many times, but the poor is still very poor, back and forth and pointer back to zero, may be spring tube deformation, need to replace.

there are so many shortcomings, for since aneroid barometer here I will recommend for you Shanghai company's digital atmospheric pressure gauge, handheld is convenient; Key operation is simple; Digital display, was acutely; Linear stability; Function pops up.

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