Anion tester

by:HoldPeak     2020-06-14

the working principle of air anion tester

air anion tester is for the air sampling ( Usually by a rate of 400 cubic centimeter per second into the inlet port, again) discharged from the vent The measurement. No matter the cation or anion ( In accordance with the instrument set by polarity) By the quick air flow into the instrument, and gathered in charge to collect on a chip. The number of measured charge collection board ( In the instrument grounding indeed, over the ground resistance is greater than 10 g & Omega; When the measured voltage) That is the induced charge to every second. Polarity switch decided to measure the cation or anion. Switch control metal box induced voltage is + 10 v or - 10 v, around and around in charge collect pieces. If switch set to '+' polarity, metal induced voltage is box + 10 v, is inhaled by positive ions will be rejected by the metal induction box and focus on the central charge collection plate. And the inhalation of negative ions will be rejected by the central charge collection board and focus on the metal around the box. In this condition, the charge collection plate only detect cation without measurement to negative ions. Similarly, when the switch set to '-' polarity, charge collection plate only detect negative ions.

air anion tester instructions

1. Instrumentation grounding ground;

2。 Choose to determine POLARITY in the + or -, determine the determination of positive, or negative ions;

3。 Upright instrument, knob in OFF, button switch on STANDBY, then a knob to 19. 99;

4。 Engine 1 minutes, press the button to RE - ZERO, and keep 3 - 5 seconds;

5。 In - when the Numbers indicate 0. To 0 01. 01, it has stable; If is not stable, need to zero;

6。 Measurement, button switch on the MEASURE begins to MEASURE;

7。 According to the size of the display value, knob can track back to different range scope; If in the measurement process according to the number 1, should adjust to a large range range gear;

8。 Show stable after reading, with reading Numbers multiplied by 1000 is the number of positive or negative ion content of the measurement area ( Ion/CM3) 。

air basic specifications:

1, the air flow rate: 200 CM3 / s

2, linear speed: 40 cm/SEC

3, ion collection rate: more than 65%

4, output resistance: 5 x1010 Ohms

5, power range: 10 / CM3 - ions 2 million ion/CM3 ( 100 - 20 million/cm3)

6, set time: about ten seconds

7, noise level: 10 ion/CM3

8, accuracy: 25%

9, battery: 9 Volt

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