Applications of vane and case

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-21

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barometer is used to determine the wind to a device that wuhan vane manufacturer below small make up, is to introduce the related content briefly.

from appearance, it is a kind of shape is asymmetrical, its center of gravity point is fixed in the vertical shaft above the straight. If a wind blowing, the air flow is larger rotational resistance of one party will be in the wind, which can show the direction of the wind.

metal vane is mainly composed of six branch offices, including wind, wind turbines, tail, lever, the main stem, the base of this a few parts, it is the main part of the material is mainly composed of stainless steel materials, including the blades can also use the good plastic production, its corrosion resistance is very good, main is to use a lever double stainless steel waterproof bearing, in this way, it will greatly improve the sensitivity, when the equipment start wind speed will be relatively small, also can use for a long time, the product installation is very convenient to transport and in the chemical industry, mining, agriculture and other industries widely used.

vane and the direction of the wind through the cups and an indicator for measuring magnetic induction wind speed, usually, cup will have three symmetrical magnetic induction wind speed wind cup, it is fixed on the vertical axis, so that the diameter of the wind cup each other surface will be in a state of vertical. Relevant personnel can also through the wind cup of rotational speed to determine the wind speed.

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