Automatic digital weather stations to daily maintenance?

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-18

what automatic meteorological station is the maintenance?

automatic weather station can realize automatic detection and generate a message without human intervention to transfer the related data of modern weather stations, not only can all-weather for wind speed, wind direction and air temperature field monitoring, and other meteorological elements, but also through professional supporting data acquisition communication lines connected to the computer, thus a meteorological monitoring data can be transmitted to the computer database for statistical analysis. So, what are automatic meteorological station equipment routine maintenance items?

a, data terminal maintenance. People should be checked on a regular basis to open the automatic meteorological station collector, collector not only want to see whether there is sundry into and also check whether the in line at the bottom of the hole sealing, at the same time in order to avoid some elements of extreme shortage of test case should also be every two months will be reset or switch a data collector.

2, data processing, computer maintenance. Such as automatic meteorological station power failure to prevent damage to the power supply of UPS battery should be prohibited from using the computer for long, as well as the closure of the computer system in accordance with the relevant provisions in order to shut off the power, and other matters needing attention in accordance with the requirements of the random file maintenance.

three, power systems, and cable maintenance. When using automatic meteorological station equipment should be regularly check good system of ac input indicators, such as charging indicator light is normal, and regularly check whether good cables and connection parts of the sensors and the collector has a loose phenomenon, at the same time for security should also be regularly every year to check whether there is cable in aging and damage.

4, maintenance of rainfall sensor. In the use of small-sized automatic weather station should be at least once a month to check a rain sensor, in order to avoid the automatic meteorological station pipeline and mesh plug should be grey stone, grass and other debris swept away, at the same time when the signal cables should be disconnected during maintenance and ensure don't appear incorrect action.

the above content is automatic digital weather station equipment is part of the daily maintenance matters, in addition to the above content, design to 4 people also should pay attention to air pressure sensor, humidity sensor and the wind speed sensor and other aspects of daily maintenance, so that they can make the automatic meteorological station equipment running more stable and prolong the service life of the day.

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