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automatic meteorological station data ( Automatic meteorological station know how much? ) 。

automatic meteorological station by electronic devices or by computer control, automatic transmission of meteorological observation and data collection stations.

cable telemetry stations meteorological instrument with induction part of the reading or record instrument tens of meters to several kilometers apart, use wired communication circuit transmission among observation stations. Its non-electricity telemetry system consists of sensing elements, cable communication circuit, a power converter and that instrument and meter instruments. This telemetry system for real-time meteorological data more frequently, such as the airport. Because telecommunications transmission and the development of the electronic computer, general observatory also began to transition to a remote weather station network, for single or multiple elements in remote sensing. Some countries have begun to establish remote sensing network, some is controlled by a central station computer dozens of platform, to realize the automatic observation and data collection; Some have begun to build larger telemetry network, and even the national remote sensing network.

wireless telemetry stations is also called the unmanned stations. It is controlled by electronic circuit automatically, timing observation and small transmitting stations. It includes measuring system, process control and coding launch system, the power of three parts.

PH automatic meteorological station

meteorological elements is transformed into electrical signal has a variety of ways. Common mechanical encoding type and low frequency modulation. The former use mechanical displacement sensing elements, more make the pointer on the encoder displacement and a different code; The latter use electric change of sensing elements, more make it produce a low-frequency signal change, then the signal on the radio frequency.

no weather stations generally can work continuously for about a year, timing observation 4 ~ 24 times a day, a bunch of kilometres away in hundreds of kilometers to receive it on time weather message transmission, and use of satellite and forward information collection of unmanned stations. No weather stations is generally used in desert, sparsely populated areas, such as mountains and ocean. On the ocean including floating and fixed two kinds.

in the atmosphere are changing all the time, all weather phenomenon meteorological workers day and night, regardless of the storm and thunder lightning have been monitoring and measurement of various meteorological data. Snow area plateau in the sparsely populated, desolate desert, in the isolated island often set up some automatic weather stations. At present, there are three kinds of automatic meteorological station form.

( 1) Unmanned automatic weather stations. Unmanned automatic meteorological station is a kind of automatic control by electronic circuitry, automatic timing observation and small transmitting stations. Can work continuously for a year or so commonly, timing observation 1 - every day 24 times, can receive its signal at 100 kilometers away on time, also can use satellites to collect and forward it the information transmission. Commonly used in the desert, mountains and oceans. Marine automatic meteorological station has buoy type and fixed type two kinds. In key area to help buoy as many workers as an orderly, tell people the sea condition at any time. Fixed unmanned automatic meteorological station was built in the island.

( 2) Cable remote sensing automatic meteorological station. Cable telemetry automatic meteorological station consists of sensor, interface circuit, microcomputer system and the communication interface. Microcomputer system is the heart of the cable telemetry automatic meteorological station, it is responsible for input signal processing interface circuit and observer, the results display, print, deposited in the disk, and sent to the user. In the past. The automatic meteorological station of building environmental protection departments at the airport, forests, and these often meteorological information are needed, now China's general observation has begun to transition to a remote weather station, a single meteorological elements or multiple elements in remote sensing. Some countries have begun to establish remote sensing network.

( 3) Automatic meteorological station for a long time. Automatic meteorological station for a long time is a kind of only used to collect data of weather station. It's wrong data to send, by the staff on a regular basis to retrieve.

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