Automatic meteorological station test data is not accurate

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-18

the influencing factors on the quality of the automatic meteorological station monitoring are:

1, function and technical requirements. Technical requirements is the basis of design, fabrication, inspection automatic weather stations, it decides the quality of the automatic meteorological station.

2, selection of instrument. Instrument selection inappropriate may lead to reach the desired effect.

3, acceptance testing. Test can be decided at a given wage mode characteristics of the automatic meteorological station, and can control the quality of each automatic weather stations.

4, station and installation; Automatic weather station and installation can lead to error of many external factors should be considered, such as: dust, pollution, cream, salt, large temperature extremum or vandalism, should be taken seriously.

5, instrument error; All instrument will produce all kinds of system error and random error. Through appropriate prevention and correction measures, can make them on the quality of the data was reduced to an acceptable level.

6, testing and calibration; Operation process of automatic meteorological station, stage performance and the instrument features change with a variety of reasons, such as lack of hardware components ageing maintenance, etc. Therefore, the automatic meteorological station needs regular inspection and calibration, in order to provide reliable data.

instrument meter, automatic meteorological station wind speed is to point to in a certain area, according to need of the construction of the automatic detection of multiple elements, without human intervention, can automatically generate a message, to central station transmission detection data of weather station, make up for the blank space on the regional meteorological observation data is the important means.

by meteorological sensors, microcomputer meteorological data acquisition device, power supply system, radiation protection ventilation hood, all-weather protective box and meteorological observation, communication module, etc. Can be used in the wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, air temperature, air humidity, light intensity, soil temperature, soil moisture, evaporation, atmospheric pressure, ten several meteorological elements such as all-weather monitoring on site. Can form a complete set of professional data collection and communication lines to connect with computers, to transmit data to weather the weather database, computer is used for statistical analysis and processing.

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