Battle of artifact - — Domestic person cervix thermometer

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-27
Battle of artifact - — Domestic person cervix thermometer release date: 2020 - 04 - 02 21:53

every day can see from each big website, media, newspapers and the new coronavirus pneumonia caused by the death toll and the number of new, looking at let a person heart, let a person sad. So many patients have feeling? How to protect the vulnerable groups?

and one of the provinces have a support of a country's feat, for countries to send material support and human resources. Today our products domestic cervix thermometer is severe, it can the cervix to man the accuracy of the temperature reached 0. 1℃。

domestic person cervix thermometer can be divided into a lot of kinds, portable, contact and non-contact, they are used to measure temperature, humans, animals, instruments and equipment, where the temperature can be measured. It is by the infrared energy focusing on the photoelectric detector and translated into corresponding electrical signals. The signal after amplifier and signal processing circuit, and according to the instrument after cure correction algorithm and the target of emission rate to the temperature of the measured target. Both infrared thermometer, and industrial on-line infrared thermometer, their manufacturing principle is consistent. Only high precision, high distance coefficient ratio, high performance infrared thermometer and low precision, low distance coefficient ratio and low performance of infrared thermometer. As long as the emissivity of infrared thermometer set at zero. 95 ( A person's skin to emissivity is generally the value, if any difference, is only 0. 3 degrees) , but also accords with the requirements of the cervix temperature.

we foreign outbreak, together with our domestic science and technology of black people the cervix thermometer, to carry out a full range of electronic screen, so that a more safe, less risk, we want to make our angels less tired, a little more time to rest.

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