best blood glucose meters of 2018

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-15
Consumer Reports have no financial relationship with advertisers on the site.
Consumer Reports have no financial relationship with advertisers on the site.
According to 30 million of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 2017 of Americans have type 1 or type 2 diabetes.
If this includes you, controlling your blood sugar levels is key.
Eating a healthy diet and doing a lot of exercise is helpful.
For some people, regular monitoring of their blood sugar at home can also help them control their blood sugar.
Using a home glucose meter can help you understand what makes your blood sugar rise or fall and understand how your numbers respond to the diabetes drugs you may take, according to the American Diabetes Association (ADA).
Who should be monitoring at home?
If you use insulin for type 1 diabetes, ADA recommends checking your level regularly with a home glucose meter.
If you use insulin or other drugs to treat type 2 diabetes, the association says you may benefit from monitoring at home.
So talk to your doctor about whether you should consider buying a device.
But for patients with type 2 diabetes who do not take insulin or any drug that may cause low blood sugar, such as metformin (
Glumetza, general purpose), regular at-
According to the American Society of family doctors, blood sugar tests at home may not work.
If you are a good candidate for monitoring, your doctor can discuss with you how often you should monitor (
For some people, it may be a few times a day, such as when eating)
, What should your target blood sugar level be and what your numbers mean.
Your doctor will also explain when you need-office testing.
For example, the AC1 test provides information about the average blood sugar level in the last three months. But which at-
Should you choose home equipment?
The accuracy and repeatability of consumer reporting test blood glucose meters (
After multiple sequential tests using the same blood sample, does the monitor continue to return the same result)
And how easy they are to use.
This is what you need to know.
How we tested and evaluated each device, we recruited a CR staff group with and without diabetes.
To evaluate the accuracy of these devices, we tested their blood sugar on the home glucose meter and compared the results with the results of the standard laboratory glucose analysis equipment.
We also tested each home monitor repeatedly using the same blood sample to see if the results were replicated.
In addition, our technicians will check how simple each device is to use, looking for simple featuresto-
Read the display, the big button, whether the display records the date and time of the read, whether the data can be downloaded to the computer.
Below you will find our top five
Rated household blood glucose meter.
Members can see all of our ratings and reviews here.
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