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by:HoldPeak     2020-05-15
Security cameras may not be the most fascinating technology, but please bear with us because you can\'t pay for home safety.
Of course, if you want to price your home security, you can buy a smart security camera for £ 25.
However, depending on how much you need and what you want them to do, the device can quickly launch up to thousands of pounds.
With this in mind, here are some questions you need to ask yourself and follow you to pick the smart cameras that are currently available.
Like everything else with the word \"smart\" in the title, smart security cameras can be linked to your smartphone.
In fact, that\'s their point of view.
When running, they alert you when they detect motion, or when they hear sound in some cases.
The best people will capture the moment in the video and let you replay the clip, but others will capture the still image of the moment.
Reach a point, but not very big.
It\'s not about documenting your palmd or winning arthousecinema masterpiece, it\'s about grabbing the asshole who broke into your house.
For this reason, you really don\'t need to worry too much about quality as long as you can have a good look at their faces.
Still, this is clearly the place for cheap cameras to try and doodle.
Don\'t just focus on resolution: a720pfeed can fully meet your needs depending on the quality.
Be sure to pay attention to night vision and pay attention to the number of frames per second (fps)
The camera is recorded.
We \'ve seen some 15fps records, which is a bit like watching aflipbookanimation, but anything at 24fps above should be OK.
Yes, but not all smart cameras.
They will be clear if they can use it outside, they will describe themselves as wind-proof and mention the high and low temperatures they can cope.
If you are looking for an outdoor camera, also remember the question of how to power it.
You can drill a cable on the wall, but it may be easier to get the battery --powered device. The all-
The Blink XT camera has won the championship for two consecutive years. This is an absolute dream --up and use.
All the most important features are clearly presented in the application, includes live video streaming, motion capture, and a shared button linked to your social app-perfect for sending your pet clips to friends and family.
Another big advantage of the Blink XT is that it offers free cloud storage, stored on Amazon\'s servers, until space runs out.
At this point, the new video will replace the old one-but you can download the key video before the time, so you should not miss any major video.
When leaving the outside on a day that was not only raining, but was very cold, XT was shown not to be affected (
As the function certificate of thermometer).
It\'s well equipped at night-
Due to the fact that infrared LED lighting is capable of high quality shooting in the dark, time is up. All-in-
All in all, this is an excellent outdoor/indoor camera highly recommended. £239.
99 | Amazon | buy now * based on two-
Camera Kit, one-
Click here for Blink\'s camera kit. The D-LinkDDCS-2802KT-
EUwon won\'t win any awards for its clumsy name, but it\'s a very good name
Made from the kit, it offers excellent quality 1080 pfooage, smart design and long battery life.
This design has won special praise.
It\'s half magnetic in the box.
You attach the ball to the wall and then stick the camera together at any angle you want.
It\'s completely wireless.
When the battery is charged (
Note: not in a few months)
You just pull the camera off the wall and turn it back on when it\'s fully restored.
But the real victory is cloud storage.
You can pay for a variety of levels, but it starts with a free one-year premium insurance, offering an unlimited number of clips for up to five cameras, saved for two weeks
Once the year is over, the free model won\'t be too shabby either: there are three camera lenses in 24 hours. £299(two cameras)
| Amazon | when everything in this list is up to hundreds of pounds, buy it right away and breathe fresh air.
No, it\'s not as good as some other people on this list, but at the age of 25 it\'s better than it has any right to do it.
Although its framework is small, it will be stored in the cloud for free.
Of course, there are limitations to free storage-it only stores 12-
The second outbreak, then five.
Before it\'s recorded again.
But if that\'s a problem, you can plug in a micro sdcard and it\'s hard to argue with £ 25 as cheap indoor security solutions evolve. £24.
99 | Amazon | Buy It Now this is a cost-effective security camera, just look at it!
Like a mini Star Wars robot.
Don\'t let it fool you with a lovely look-this is a machine with serious crime of quality --
Ability to destroy.
Daytime and night vision includes motion and sound detection.
In the system we have tested, it allows users to pan the camera remotely via a desktop or mobile device (
Smartphone or PC)
Through 120 ° vertical and 355 ° horizontal.
This may make a difference between catching the thief and letting them fall off the hook.
If you are not selling on model time 2, you can install a range of excellent security cameras both indoors and outdoors. £49.
95 | time 2 | buy now. If you need to strictly use CCTV for outdoor safety purposes, the presence of Netatmo is the highest --
Quality and functionality-
Offers a wealth of options. This smart-
Send the camera stream to the smartphone in real time at 1080 p and send an alert when the smartphone senses motion.
Particularly impressive is the ability to distinguish between cars, animals and people-you can choose which of the three categories you want to trigger an alarm.
Another new feature of this presence is its LED floodlight, which gives a comforting glow when you leave or enter the building (
Or from the point of view of the intruder, this is a very disturbing light).
You need to connect your presence-it\'s simple, but maybe it\'s closed --
For those who don\'t like DIY.
£ 221 | Amazon | buy users now-
CCTV systems and applications are friendly, efficient and video quality is so high that we have to reject it to save mobile data.
After several software updates, we are ready to start playing and viewing videos in an unbeatable Arlo app.
The Arlo Pro 2 camera is a tough little device that can be used indoors or outdoors.
In terms of quality, this system is more expensive than its closest competitors-but unlike some home security systems, its more advanced features don\'t require a monthly fee.
In their lifetime, cheaper products that charge you monthly or annual subscription fees may end up costing you similar fees to the excellent ArloPro 2.
The benefits of having two cameras (
There are options to add more)
It should be enough to convince some buyers who take their safety very seriously. From £493.
99 | Amazon | buy it nowSwann has been engaged in DIY video surveillance business since 1980.
The company\'s experience is clearly reflected in the excellent performance and structure of its smart security camera, which is recorded both indoors and outdoors at 1080 p.
Perhaps its most interesting feature is \"real detection\", which triggers records and alarms when the camera receives heat from warm objects.
When the testing card falls off the Mantel during testing, the benefits of this mechanism become apparent-the Swann smart security camera ignores false signals, at the same time, two competing cameras set up in the same room were triggered.
Another impressive feature of this camera is that it is connected to the holder in a clever way-using powerful magnetic balls and sockets-which allows it to position as it pleases, whether on a horizontal plane or on a wall. £129.
Amazon bought Ring for $1.
1 billion a few weeks ago, so naturally we would love to know what all the fuss is about.
The reason seems to be that the ringtone Video Doorbell 2 is the only one that is useful.
Stick it in front of your home like a regular doorbell, and whenever someone is near it gives a notification.
While this is undoubtedly a reliable safety measure, we find it most useful as a way to handle delivery.
Whenever we are not at home, a courier comes to the door and the Ring app sends us a notification and allows us to talk to them through the doorbell.
£ 179 | Amazon | comparison of buying nowPrice: £ 149 appliance showroom or CurrysIf it makes a lot of sense that you have bought a ring doorbell and then live in the ring series products.
All you need to do is use one app, and if you have to take care of many smartphone apps like most people, it could be a godsend.
It is also very flexible, clever design allows you to pass the built-in
On the stand, or flip it over to connect to the wall or ceiling.
It supports spoewhich if your Wikipedia is also useful.
The only real downside is the subscription cost.
In order to store captured video clips in the cloud, Ring will have to pay £ 25 per device per year.
If you have three or more, then there is a plan of £ 80 per year.
£ 179 | Amazon | buy it now. The first thing you might notice about Nest Cam IQ is how it looks.
This is an attractive object to announce its presence with a friendly blue light ring.
Its function is also very good.
We are particularly impressed with the voice feature, which allows you to speak via Nest IQ using the Nest app.
The sound quality is very good, the lag time is very short, the camera is in-
Built-in microphone for two people
Way of talking.
We found it a bit tricky to track our recorded video clips using the Nest app-it\'s better to open your Nest account on your computer.
You need to subscribe to Nest Aware (from £4/month)
Use a variety of features including archived records, familiar face recognition, and clipssharing.
29295 | John Lewis | buy it now the Blink XTtwo camera system offers the best balance between price and functionality with its 1080 p lens, weather protection and two photos
Battery life for one year.
Free cloud storage is a good benefit, and with the support of Amazon, it is much less likely to be dragged away without warning.
Click here to see the full range of Blink on Amazon.
This £ 129 Swan security camera is very discreet and most sensitive when capturing any and all moves.
This is the best height-
Qualityoudoor camera
The addition of floodlights makes it a very powerful choice.
This usually depends on the position of the camera.
If you use it inside, then you can expect a power lead or a USB cable connected to the power supply-even if it\'s just a backup of the main battery.
Outdoor cameras tend to have built-in batteries.
In general, they will last for a long time.
Because only when they detect movement do they click on the action, before they need to replace the battery, you will usually find that the battery lasts for a few months-although it obviously depends on how many feet you have in the area you monitor, and the length of the clip you intend to record.
Also, keep an eye out for forPoE or power your friends over Ethernet.
This is usually only high-
Terminal cameras, but they can be powered by the data lines you get through your router.
This is convenient for houses with large gardens, as it can provide power and Internet connection within a relatively long distance.
There are two options here: local storage or storage in the cloud.
For non-technical nerds, this basically means that the video is either saved in your house (
Usually go to the SD card in the camera)
Or on a remote computer belonging to a camera company.
Both have advantages and disadvantages.
On the one hand, using the cloud storage of the camera company means that the video cannot be stolen by an intruder you just broke into your home.
On the other hand, it often costs money (
After all, their storage space is not free)
You may feel a little nervous about the privacy impact of sharing your videos with mysterious third parties. Usually, yes.
Generally this is not a big amount-a few pounds a month-but it sometimes changes with the number of cameras you have, so it can be added up quickly.
This is definitely worth comparing before you buy.
There are exceptions, however.
The most famous Amazon
It has the Blink series and NeoSmartCam.
These cloud storage are available for free.
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