Briefly describes working principle of the digital temperature and humidity air pressure gauge

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-18
Atmospheric pressure gauge works: 1, digital temperature and humidity digital temperature and humidity of atmosphere pressure gauge adopts silicon piezoresistive type digital pressure sensor, the sensing of the change of the atmospheric pressure is converted to electrical signals, then through A/D conversion, temperature compensation and nonlinear calibration, such as zero correction in the form of digital display on the LCD screen. 2, digital temperature and humidity, atmospheric pressure gauge performance characteristics: when atmospheric pressure gauge LCD liquid crystal display digital temperature and humidity, air pressure measurements of digital direct reading. When atmospheric pressure gauge digital temperature and humidity control panel printed in both Chinese and English, can be used as export countries export type instrument. It was not easy international unit hPa ( Hundred mpa) And mmHg ( Mm hg) 、inHg( Inches of mercury) Three units of arbitrary switching. When digital temperature and humidity atmospheric pressure gauge imported high-precision absolute pressure sensors, high resolution, high stability. When digital temperature and humidity atmospheric pressure gauge chip using the cloud meteorological instrument co. , LTD. Shanghai r&d five generations of the single chip microcomputer technology, has automatic temperature compensation function. When atmospheric pressure gauge automatic digital temperature and humidity nonlinear calibration, zero correction, without any hardware changes. Precision of the value 0. 3 hpa; * can replace mercury barometer of meteorological instrument, pioneered a new era of atmospheric pressure is measured with a digital barometer. When the digital temperature and humidity atmosphere pressure, small volume, light quality, easy to carry, suitable for indoor and field work.
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