Ceramic negative ion detector measuring different kinds of standards

by:HoldPeak     2020-06-03
Ceramic negative ion detector measuring different kinds of standard ceramic negative ion detector for natural ore, ceramic raw materials made of products: such as fabrics, bedding, clothing, wall materials, decorations and other most of the products to as the management, promotion purposes. Measurement way is to use Gao Gan GM tube to measure from natural ore, ceramic produced by weak radiation calculation into anion show again. Can also be used in very popular nowadays, laccolith bath its ore testing and magic cushion testing and promotional purposes. Measuring type selection, select 1: standard measurement, use of sensor measurement of 20 seconds value calculated as negative ion, display on LCD. Option 2: high speed measurement, the use of sensor measurement of 10 seconds value calculated as negative ion, display on LCD. Option 3: automatic measurement - 20 seconds of measurement for 8 times in a row, after calculation of value, average value of a small, then the average display on LCD. Option 4: moving average measured, using sensors to measure income measurements every 20 seconds to 1 second mobile, calculated as anion value, will be displayed after 16 seconds of the average data in the liquid crystal display. Choose 5: simple detection of anion in the presence of probe. Calculate the total number of sensors detect the weak radiation, if strong, calculation of the total number of speed will be faster, if weak speed will slow down. Ceramic negative ion detector USES: 1, research and development institutions of ceramic research and argumentation of the negative ions 2, high functional materials and the use of solid anion material and detect 3, anion health products research and development testing, performance assessment of the four, all kinds of powder anion tests, such as natural ores, anion powder, tourmaline ( Ms tomalin) , meteorites anion content such as testing and evaluation. 5, all kinds of test and evaluation of solid anion products, such as negative ion bracelet, cushions, anion energy cup, khan steam room, laccolith bath, paint coating, such as research and development and testing. 6, test and evaluation of various liquid anion products such as nano silver, negative ion mask, determination of negative ion cleanser etc r&d and testing object: mainly for the detection of natural ore, ceramic, stone, peitou hot springs stone material and related products, such as for traces of radiation inspired weeks is produced by water molecules in the air negative ions. Professional measuring negative ion coating, paint, anion anion floor, bracelets, necklaces, belt, anion anion of ore processing products such as textile, anion powder.
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