Characteristics and operating method of digital micro pressure gauge

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-18
The characteristics of the digital micro pressure gauge: 1, LCD display, digital direct reading. 2, the United States imports of micro pressure sensor, high resolution, high accuracy, high stability. After 3, portable, instrument with support structure, the instrument has the function of numerical stability. 4, digital micro pressure gauge calibration, without any hardware adjustment, manual digital zero. 5, micro digital pressure gauge using range is wide, used in various operating conditions. 6, small power consumption, continuous use of battery reaches or even more than 100 hours. Digital micro pressure gauge operation method: 1, the boot: open the power supply, digital micro manometer into the initial state, the display reading ( 9999, 8888, 0000) After the functional areas at the upper triangle. ( Digital micromanometer warmed up for a few minutes but measurement more accurate) 2, reset: press the reset button, the screen is all zero, reset is complete. 3, choose function plan: according to the measured pressure source, press the function key choose three kinds of functions. According to the key selection function of a laboratory ( Air supply stability, function upper triangle flashing) According to the function key selection function with two standard conditions ( Air supply fluctuation is small, functional areas in central triangle flashing) According to the function key selection function with three complex conditions ( Air supply volatility, functional areas lower triangular flashing) Pressure connection: will be measured with a rubber pipeline pressure into the digital micro pressure gauge joint attention is negative pressure head. Measurement: after zero, can be measured pressure, digital micro pressure gauge shows measured pressure value, or the differential values. Gage pressure measurement: use a hose connected to the mouth and measured pressure source, higher than the atmospheric pressure of by positive pressure measuring mouth; Measured under atmospheric pressure by negative pressure mouth, the mouth through the atmosphere, digital micro pressure gauge is the gage pressure value. Micro differential pressure measurement, digital pressure gauge positive and negative answer the mouth respectively by high and low pressure source, reading is the differential pressure value. ( Such as reading showed negative, is the positive and negative direction, exchange by mouth) 。
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