Characteristics of wind speed sensor function

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-27

wind speed sensor based on coal users, mainly is suitable for the coal mine with gas explosion danger of the mine ventilation total return air lane, tuyere, downhole locations main anemometers, fan of the well, the place such as the working face, the mining face, and the corresponding mineral enterprises.

it can continuously monitor the location of wind speed, air volume, Air = wind speed x cross-sectional area) Size, can on the wind speed airflow roadway of real-time display, is an important instrument for measuring the parameters of mine ventilation safety.

panel control of solar power station, after the wind more than a certain value, turn the panels, they did not make it.

XDP802 transmitter can be widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, textile, electronics, medicine, food, environmental protection and other fields in the process of production is very small the corrosive gas differential pressure, flow rate, air pressure and so on carries on the reliable control, is super clean workshop and automated testing of boiler ideal products.

wind speed sensor function characteristic

have lightning protection function, to adapt to bad environment

can add signal isolation function according to customer demand, the two road isolation of 4 - with each other 20 ma signal, directly connected to the DCS system

good stability, full, zero long-term stability can reach 0. 2% FS/year. Within the scope of the compensation temperature 0 ~ 70 ℃, the temperature drift less than 0. 2% FS, over the allowed working temperature below zero. 5%FS。

with reverse protection, current limiting protection circuit, the reverse will not damage the transmitter is negative when installation, exception to send automatically within 35 ma current limit.

easy installation, simple structure, economy is durable.

wind speed sensor and gas flow measurement of flow sensor is a principle, a flow sensor can be used instead of wind velocity sensor

flow sensor is divided into mass flow sensor and volume flow sensor. The volume flow sensor is by measuring the velocity of the fluid and then multiplied by the pipe sectional area to get traffic. So some volume flow sensor can be used to replace wind speed sensor, but need to conversion.

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