Compensation declined the application of pressure gauge

by:HoldPeak     2020-06-16

compensation declined pressure gauge hereinafter referred to as micro pressure gauge is mainly used in the corrosive gas tiny pressure value of the transfer. Calibration and test, it can measure micro positive pressure of the gas. Pressure and differential pressure? Compensation declined pressure gauge: by trimming parts, standard parts, mirrors and shell parts. Part 1, fine-tuning: fine-tuning part is one of the main part of card compensation micromanometer, by fine-tuning plate engraved with 200 divisions on the long screw, long screw, make up or down motion water box, box static pressure in the water by mouth with degrees in blocks, in degrees must block in the middle of the degrees of plate and the plates move to indicate the water displacement of the height of the tray. Part 2, level observation: in the observation tube with a level head, with observations by dynamic pressure pipe pressure change inside the liquid surface. Level observation part is the core part of the compensation micromanometer, he directly affect the brand of compensating the measuring accuracy of micro pressure gauge. Part 3, mirror: mirror part for the card to compensate micromanometer another main part, by a mirror fixed to the shell on the mirror, the mirror surface reflection was used to observe the level in the cylinder head contact with the liquid surface, the level of the head and the reflection of micro tip and adjusted the pressure gauge reading basis points 4, shell parts: by the shell and the cross arm support long screw, carrying level bubble and adjustment in the shell pole screw order, to adjust the micro pressure of vertical screw and dynamic pressure pipe. 5, Shanghai instrument company solemnly promise, all of the customer who purchase card compensation micromanometer, can enjoy one year free warranty, life-long maintenance and technical guidance. 6, complete sets of sex: ( 1) And compensation micromanometer 1 ( 2) 1, instrument aluminum box ( 3) 1, card compensation micromanometer description ( 4) 1, compensation micro pressure gauge verification certificate. Compensation declined pressure gauge rules - the main technical indicators 1500~1500Pa - 2500 ~ 2500 pa zui small degree value of 0. 01㎜ 0. 01 ㎜ base the difference of 0. Pa in - 8 1. 5 ~ 1. 5 kpa range: 0. 8 pa & lt; 2. 5 ~ < - - - - - - 1. 5 kpa or in & gt; 1. 5 ~ 2. 5 kpa dimension ( ㎜) 230; 320 230; 420 heavy volume ( ㎏) 5. 5 8. 5 precision grade second class standard working environment temperature 205 ℃. Compensation declined pressure gauge method of use: 1) Preparation work bring micro pressure gauge on the worktable and adjust the level adjustment screw, make the level of the base on air bubble inside the bubble in the middle of the black circle. Bring about fine-tuning, rotation will fine-tune plate with sliding fast are transferred to the value 0, unscrew the pitot tube seal screw at the top, to gradually into distilled water, observe level from the mirror at the same time he pointed into the fluid level basic close, suspend adding water, then, tighten and fluid sealing screw, slowly turn the fine-tuning dish, make the water storage barrel several exhaust air, up and down for a few minutes and then turn the adjusting nut, make the observation tube inside the liquid level and the level point tangent? 2) Pressure and connection a) When measuring the positive pressure to the positive pressure of the gas being measured by mouth and micromanometer dynamic pressure mouth with a rubber hose, turn the fine-tuning plate, when the observation tube mirror surface reflection and reflective level point ( Two video pointed) Tangent, on the vertical ruler and the pointer for fine-tuning plate read values respectively, the sum of the two is the instrument readings (value being measured ㎜)

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