Compensation micromanometer self assessment

by:HoldPeak     2020-06-16
A, use compensation tiny micro pressure gauge used for measuring the corrosive gas pressure, negative pressure and pressure difference, can also be used to calibrate other pressure gauge, available to the laboratory and the measuring unit. Second, the structure is briefly compensation micro pressure gauge is a fine-tuning level observation, a mirror, and shell parts. 1. Fine-tuning some fine-tuning plate by engraved with 200 divisions on the long screw, long screw, water box up or down movement, in the water box can receive, static pressure mouth with degrees in blocks, in degrees must block in the middle of the degrees of plate and the plates move to indicate that the water displacement height of the tray. 2. Level observation part within the observation tube with a level head, with observations by dynamic pressure pipe pressure cylinder inside the liquid surface. 3. Part of the mirror is a mirror fixed in the shell on the mirror, mirror surface reflection was used to observe the level in the cylinder head of contact with the liquid surface, the level of the head pointed to its reflection of a shadow pointed into the micro pressure meter reading adjusted basis points. 4. Shell parts by the shell and the cross arm support long screw, carrying level bubble on the shell bar and adjust screw, micro pressure gauge to adjust the screw and vertical dynamic pressure tube. Three, use compensation micro pressure gauge is mainly used in the corrosive gas tiny pressure value transfer, calibration and test, it can measure small the positive pressure, negative pressure and differential pressure of the gas, but with S type pitot tube or l-type pitot tube connection for pipe flow velocity or differential pressure measurement. It can be used as a standard calibration accuracy of other low pressure instrument. Compensation matters decay of the adjustment and the use of the pressure gauge are as follows: the adjustment of the compensation micromanometer: place the micro pressure gauge on the workbench, adjust the adjustment screw, the instrument is horizontal, observation level bubble of air bubbles in the middle of the black circles; Rotate the fine-tuning, fine-tuning plate and slide block are transferred to the value O, unscrew the pressure tube seal screw, gradually into distilled water, watch from the mirror at the same time level head into the liquid level of basic, suspend adding water, then tighten the top seal screw. Then slowly provoke fine-tuning dish, make the water storage barrel up and down several times, to do the connecting tube air, after the process above, to transfer the pitot tube to adjust nut, fully meet the requirements of liquid level and needlepoint tangent. Compensation micromanometer: the use of test pressure shall be the mouth and micro pressure gauge pressure mouth with rubber catheter connection ( Ensure good airtight) Fine-tuning toggle plate, make the observation tube level head shadow on the surface of the mirror and the reflection point, read values on the reading board and on fine-tuning disk read values in the sum of two number is the instrument readings; When measuring the negative pressure to the negative pressure of by mouth and micromanometer static pressure mouth with rubber catheter connection, read and calculate the value according to the items on the same techniques, negative pressure is being measured.
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