Digital atmospheric pressure gauge instructions

by:HoldPeak     2020-06-05
Digital atmospheric pressure gauge pressure sensor with high precision and low power consumption of a single atmospheric pressure, temperature and humidity detection system. Can safely and accurately measure the atmospheric pressure value of the current. Light in weight with high precision, small volume, easy to carry; Strong anti-jamming capability, etc. Is the weather stations, environmental monitoring station, medicine and health care, construction, clean rooms, laboratories and other industries detection ideal tool. When the atmospheric pressure measuring range: 60. 0 ~ 110 kpa / 2 kpa when temperature measurement range: - 20~125℃/0. 5 ℃ when humidity measuring range: 0 ~ 100 rh & permil; /3‰ When accuracy level: level 1 when resolution: 0. 1 kpa / 0。 1℃/0. 1 rh % to preheat the stable time: 15 min when using the environment: temperature: 0 ~ 50 ℃ / humidity: & le; 80‰ RH when measuring medium: air when power: DC6V have weight: 180 g when installation dimensions: 150; 70; 35 mm digital atmospheric pressure gauge of the main features: 1, double row LCD display, digital direct reading 2, 3, the United States imported high-precision sensor with low power consumption MCU 4, atmospheric pressure, height, temperature detection of 5, atmospheric pressure deviation parameter correction, temperature, humidity, optional external type 7, power display 8, RS232 communication interface
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