Digital pressure gauge details introduction

by:HoldPeak     2020-06-04

digital pressure gauge details introduction: digital pressure gauge login function can be marked with the time and date through RS - measurement record 232 cable and software downloaded to a computer. Login interval between 10 seconds to 10 minutes is optional, you can call up to 1000 storage measurement results of zui average value and small/big zui. The pressure gauge and the corresponding measuring head 05949 - air velocity matrix 42 ( Need to purchase separately) , synchronous measurement point can be reduced to about 16, so as to save time and effort. 18 than random equipped with pressure gauge, hosting, two static pressure head, the NIST traceability calibration certification, issued by the 16 feet rubber hose, instrument box, software, four 5 rechargeable batteries, chargers and ac power outlet. At the same time displayed on the LCD, and equipped with 24 VDC output. And on the hand pump are installed on the front panel, makes it an ideal site checking instrument. Pieces of high performance microprocessor for continuous correction of meter zero and linear, ensure instrument zero after a long time and accuracy with good repeatability and stability, and high measurement accuracy. Mixer adopts high performance CPU and temperature sensor to automatically compensate the instrument temperature drift, ensure the accuracy of the use of the wide temperature range. Mixer low power consumption. After the battery is full, ensure the accuracy of the continuous working time is long. Constant current charging, charging with battery voltage, low voltage automatic shutdown and automatic protection function, ensure the battery is not damaged by charging or undervoltage, long battery life. Pieces of micro power consumption under voltage automatic protection function, ensure instrument and even operators and continuous boot for too long can not because of less damage to the battery voltage. Mixer full scale function is rich, one table is multi-purpose, has a variety of display style, can display the current pressure, the pressure of pressure water or KGF/cm2 current percentage. Instrument has a super RANGE alarm function, when the applied stress is beyond the rated full scale + 2500 words, instrument displays OVER the RANGE! P and built-in buzzer will be interrupted, to indicate that stress current beyond full range, should stop pressure, and removing some pressure to make it within the specified range, so as not to damage the pressure sensor. B when measured by the instrument of current more than 22 ma when the instrument will show OVER the RANGE! I and built-in buzzer will intermittent sound, in order to show the measured current range. Software rich in content, the operation is simple, and clear. Mixer imported film panel and light touch beginning, novel styles, button long service life. Mixer LCD backlight pressure, current display, intuitive, clear, structure is compact and reasonable. Small volume, light weight, easy to carry. 6 mpa, with fine tuning, purge valve. Manual vacuum rate was 95%, has the world advanced level. Pressure source components after fine grinding, good air tightness, IP54 seal standard. Pieces can be directly on the front panel operation, calibration of full scale. Pieces of metal shell, strong anti-interference, strong impact resistance. Volumetric fine-tuning, easy to implement fixed-point pressure.

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