Digital pressure gauge JX - atmosphere 01

by:HoldPeak     2020-06-05

, product introduction JX - 01 digital atmospheric pressure meter is a new generation of portable measuring atmospheric pressure special instrument, instrument accuracy of mining height are broken diaphragm type absolute pressure sensor chip, LCD digital double row shows, intuitive and convenient to measure the outside atmospheric pressure, temperature, humidity and altitude value. Instrument adopts full digital design, strong reliability, small volume, light weight, feel is good, easy to operate. This instrument is widely used in meteorology, scientific research, military, sports, environmental protection, is the laboratory is required to prepare the commonly used instrument. Second, features: 1. Double row LCD double row shows that digital direct reading. Imported high precision pressure sensor, high resolution, high stability. Imported ultra-low power consumption single chip microcomputer, and have the function of numerical stability. Instrument digital calibration, without any hardware changes.

has wide use, used in various operating conditions.

6。 Power, according to the power battery over 50 hours of continuous use. Three, 1 technical indicators. Range: 60 ~ 106 kpa, working temperature: 5 ~ 50 ℃ for 2. Accuracy: 0. 3% FS, appearance size: 6, 140; 75; 353. Humidity: no 7, working voltage: 6 v ( DC) 4. Resolution: 0. 01 kpa 8, meter weight: 170 g about four. Measurement to

press the power switch, the power supply is connected display shows - 009 000 - Readings, the instrument displays the current atmospheric pressure and ambient temperature. Instrument preheating 15 minutes, DYM3 - 02 instrument according to the function keys can switch the temperature and humidity, and altitude. Your measurements and then press the power switch, instrument to shut down. Power indicator in the instrument displays the top there is a small rectangular battery indicator, when the battery full charge, small square inside all black, when power cut the small square by the all blacks slowly into the empty box, at this time, should replace the battery in time, so as not to affect the measurement accuracy. Instrument instruction area introduction: digital display unit indicate

2202020 ℃ KPa RH %

1 0 0. 1 8 20. 2

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