dmx led controller enables versatile effects for home lighting

by:HoldPeak     2020-04-12
The LED controller is a digital lighting control solution using the dmx5 12 Protocol, which can achieve maximum channel control of 512.After decades of development, DMX technology has been very mature and stable.Controlling LED lights using a DMX controller allows full control of each output channel.
You can adjust the brightness and set the dynamic change effect.The Dmx5 12 controller provides thousands of dynamic change effects.The standard DMX control interface allows the user to freely set the address and display the address on a digital display.
A maximum of 512 addresses can be set, with 1 Address per channel.The DMX controller can be controlled by the console that sends the dmx5 12 signal, the signal output should be connected to the signal input of the controller, the controller receives the signal and outputs the PWM signal to the connected light, enables the user to control RGB/rgbw led lights with smooth brightness adjustment, color temperature, RGB tone adjustment in monochrome, two colors.The DMX controller can also connect to the router via the RJ45 port and is wirelessly controlled by the PC console (app) or mobile device.
The DMX console has different types, such as the keyboard type, which is a traditional console for lighting control that requires complex adjustments for each color and channel.For home lighting controls, there is an emerging, easy-to-understand, and easy-to-use, full-touch console.All controls can be operated by simple touch, you don\'t have to be professional, it is easy to use.
The DMX controller has AC and DC versions suitable for LED lights of different input types and you should choose the correct controller for your lights.The AC version is designed for AC input LED lights, the DC version is designed for DC input LED, and the output type of the DC version is available at constant current and constant voltage.For the DC version, it may be necessary to communicate to the DC power supply.
The dmx led controller is not only suitable for large lighting projects, but also for residential lighting, creating different moods for different environments
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