Duct wind speed calculation method

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-29

1, the total air volume. Every hour of the cubic number in addition to 3600 divided by the cross-sectional area of the duct ( Square meters) The number is wind ( Meters per second) 。

2, know the air volume; The wind speed; And static pressure; Cross section area; How do we know the duct length and high: if you said is the cross-sectional area of the cross-sectional area of the pipe, so as long as the calculated pipe friction resistance per meter. When fan pressure is greater than 10% of the total length of the total friction resistance, also is the maximum value of the pipeline. Here is the formula of friction of pipe per meter:

R = & lambda; /d*( υ ^ 2γ / 2)

R - Friction ( Pa) ; λ - - - - - - The friction coefficient, 0 difference. 09; υ - - - - - - Wind speed, m/s) ; γ - - - - - - The air is heavy.

the central air conditioning system of air duct wind how sure

download looking for specification,

3, specification, main branch such as the wind speed range is how much?

( 1) Using metal duct, should not be more than 20 m/s;

( 2) Use the non-metallic materials such as smooth surface of the concrete inside duct should not greater than 15 m/s;

( 3) Wind speed of air supply outlet should not be greater than 7 m/s; Exhaust port of the wind speed should not be more than 10 m/s.

how much is the largest exhaust system main duct wind speed

according to & lt; < The code for fire protection design of buildings & gt;> Wind speed regulation: exhaust system pipe shall meet the following requirements: using metal pipeline, should not be more than 20 m/s, using nonmetallic pipe ( Note: for more concrete wind Wells) , should not be greater than 15 m/s.

how many suitable for clean room air conditioning duct wind speed

purify air conditioning system, according to the requirements of the indoor noise level inside the duct wind speed should be chosen by following regulation:

a, 6 - total duct - - - - - - 10 m/s;

2, no send and return air mouth style for 6 ~ 8 m/s;

three, have send, return air mouth style tube for 3 ~ 6 m/s.

purification room, should be including rain gear store, management room, changing room, save coat room, bathroom, clean the uniform room and wind leaching room, etc.

the bathroom, shower room, lounge, etc between the living room and the uniform cleaning and drying room and other rooms, can according to need to set up

level is only 100 vertical laminar flow clean room, can change a gas chamber.

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