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Electrical Instrument

HoldPeak mainly offers three kinds of electrical instruments including the multimeter, clamp meters, AC/DC power supply with great precision.

Our multimeter is equipped with backlighting that allows the user to read out the measured display values in the dark. When the external environment is dimly lit, the backlight can be turned on automatically. It automatically senses the brightness of the external environment, so users can easily operate the product even in dark environments, eliminating the need for manual opening. The instrument also has a unique mechanical protection function to prevent accidents caused by the user accidentally inserting the meter pen.

Our clamp meter is easy to carry and has stable performance. It has a full range of overcurrent protection, low power consumption and stable performance for measuring DC and AC voltage, DC and AC current, resistance, capacitance, frequency, temperature, positive diode voltage drop and sound continuity.

The AC/DC power supply has a wide range of operation conditions. Its operating temperature can be from 0~40℃ and its relative humidity can be less 90%. It is noted for its high display accuracy. Its voltage display accuracy can reach±1.0% +1 digit and its current display accuracy can reach ±2.0%, which makes it a hot product.

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