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Environmental Meters

The environmental meter offered by HoldPeak includes the thermal camera, anemometer, air quality detector, IR thermometers, moisture meter, lux meter, humidity meter, sound level meters.

This series of products has higher accuracy in measuring. And one of its notable features is that it can be used independently without installation. The product is small in size, lightweight and easy to carry. In the aspect of function, performance, the product is more professional and can meet the testing needs of different industries.

Its superior performance makes it suitable for demanding applications. This product enables the complete automation of the entire testing process. It can provide reliable and stable test results in a variety of harsh working environments. It is equipped with an LCD to clearly display the test results and its power consumption is very low. Moreover, the instrument can be operated continuously for a long time. It also has the advantage of being stable, safe and reliable. It is easy to operate and resistant to electromagnetic interference. We guarantee that it has good anti-interference ability.

In addition, the meter can also be used as an environmental testing device for a variety of manufacturing companies. The tester's readings are highly accurate and can be used for environmental testing in laboratory environments. It can realize real-time monitoring of the test environment to ensure that the test environment meets customer requirements. The equipment has a high performance and price ratio, which reaches the domestic leading level.

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