Gas analyzer and gas analyzer and the different gas detector

by:HoldPeak     2020-06-08
Different gas analyzer, gas analyzer and gas detector and the difference between gas detector: 1. Instrument structure of different gas detector structure is relatively simple, only include probe ( Sensor) And sensor signal conversion circuit parts. And gas analyzer internally equipped with not only the probe ( Sensor) And there is a whole set of pneumatic system, the sample gas is introduced into the instrument, and then leads to instrument a full range of pneumatic system for empty or recycled. 2. Different gas detector with a probe way directly exposed to the air being measured or tested sample gas environment. The measured gas (gas analyzer is to Sample gas) Through the special way is introduced into the internal measurement instrument, and then draw out instrument outside vent. 3. Conditions for determination of the control mode of different gas detector has not adjust and control part of the sample gas technology conditions, and it also doesn't consider the environmental condition for the existence of the sample gas, directly for testing. Gas analyzer form a complete set within a set of pneumatic system and external equipment composed of a set of relatively complete chemical process, gas analyzer to adjust the internal working conditions of the sample gas control, sensor in order to achieve the purpose of stable work normally, this is the assurance of gas analyzer to obtain accurate measurement data. Combustible gas alarm information, alarm the advantages of digital signal communication mode. 4. To complete the operation method for determination of the whole process of the application of different gas detector, simply place the instrument in the atmosphere to be tested, instrument can display Numbers. And gas analyzer sample gas must be carefully introduced into the instrument, then the strict adjustment technology conditions, such as temperature, pressure, flow, etc. , only when the operator adjust the instrument before making a stable chemical process, to obtain accurate measurement data. In the previous data is not correct, abandoned in the must. 5. In the process of testing, to eliminate interference factors to consider different ways of gas detector is the sensor directly placed in the determination of environment atmosphere, instrument structure design and in the process of actual use test does not consider the factor of environment atmosphere in the presence of interference measurement, and do not have ruled out design capacity of various kinds of interference factors. And at the time of the design selection and use of detecting gas analyzer, must fully consider various internal and external factors affecting determination, and carefully one by one to eliminate, only in this way can ensure the accuracy of testing data and authenticity. Otherwise, inappropriately ignores some influencing factors, the test is not allowed and not acceptable. 6. The accuracy of the data of different gas detector can only provide qualitative analysis results and a rough quantitative analysis data, the instrument shows data do not stand up to scrutiny, not for the error analysis ( Because only when it comes to analysis data deviates from the true value is very small error) And, therefore, not as accurate analysis data to determine ( Decision) The key technology and improved adjustment measures. And gas analyzer is a kind of strict measuring instruments, when carries on the quantitative analysis, can provide a very accurate data C this data can be used as a gas production and the basis of production safety improvement and improve, use it to guide and production management, quality management and enterprise management. Even, this kind of data can be used as the important basis of judicial forensic work, using it to engage in a lawsuit, establish right boundaries.
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