ge power president and ceo steve bolze highlights key power aspects of the company\'s annual report

by:HoldPeak     2020-04-08
Some of the world\'s energy needs are very simple.
Today, there are still more than one billion people living in an environment without electricity.
Another 2 billion people were undersupplied.
Global electricity demand will grow by 50% in 20 years. Across power-
Intensive industries, utilities and power producers are looking for partners to help them navigate complex and challenging environments and achieve them between affordable, accessible, reliable and sustainable power
In GE Power\'s solution, we are fully committed to the digital transformation of energy, building integrated software solutions for customers from Power generation to transmission and distribution.
Combine our industrial knowledge
How our digital solutions span multiple forms of power generation and hardware fuel sources to help customers connect each sensor, asset, and operational data to optimize the results of assets, operations, and the entire business.
We are taking advantage of all the ideas and insights from the GE Store, the fastest growing part of the GE digital portfolio.
In 2015, we launched a set of Digital Power Plant, a software application powered by Predix, which helps to provide more Power, higher reliability, higher efficiency and lower
Digital Power plants can generate incremental value of up to $50 million in the life cycle of existing plants, and new plants can generate incremental value of up to $0. 23 billion. We are co-
Working with our customers on Predix-
Power software and digital solutions that address their biggest challenges.
One of the partners is RasGas Ltd. in Qatar, one of the largest LNG producers in the world.
We are using GE\'s asset performance management app to help them reduce unplanned downtime, extend asset life, reduce operating costs, and optimize the supply chain.
Another good example is Exelon, one of the largest and most innovative energy suppliers in the United States. S.
Exelon is a set of businesses that we deploy digital power plants and implement-
Extensive software technology from three fuel sources-
Nuclear, gas, wind.
At the same time, we are changing our own business and creating terminals. to-
Our customers benefit from the end of our operations digital connection.
This digital thread brings together several initiatives. -
Design System Integration, model
Based on enterprise and virtual manufacturing.
The advantages of digital threads are huge: allowing us to \"see\" more and provide better results for our customers, while saving nearly $0. 9 billion in productivity over the next three years.
Change our culture. we are changing the way we work. -
Everything we do is embedded in numbers.
Use FastWorks\'s mindset to enable employees to change their workspace and create tools to facilitate collaboration;
Digitize our processes and create terminalsto-End connection;
Build an excellent factory that can predict, adjust and respond faster to provide better service to our customers.
Our experience shows that cultural change is needed to truly digitize. -
An environment of openness, transparency of information, trust, frankness, speed and clear accountability ---
In everything we do, we focus on being the best and most competitive person.
This is what we are advocating. the essence is the new GE.
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