Grounding resistance tester main main and matters needing attention

by:HoldPeak     2020-04-28
Grounding resistance tester

grounding resistance tester is abandoned the traditional way of artificial hand crank work, USES the advanced large scale integrated circuit, the application of DC/AC transformation technology to three terminal, four terminal measurement method combined into a model of the new digital earth resistance tester. Applicable to electric power, post and telecommunications, railway, communications, mining and other departments measuring grounding resistance of various device and to measure the conductor resistance in low resistance; Can also be measured soil resistivity and the ground voltage. Grounding resistance tester should be kept in the indoor maintain its environmental temperature 0 ℃ to 40 ℃, relative humidity of not more than 80, and in the air can't contain enough to cause corrosion of harmful substances.

main effect of grounding resistance tester

1. Measurement of large grounding network grounding impedance, grounding resistance, reactance;

2。 Measurement of large grounding network, especial the surface potential gradient;

3。 Measurement of large grounding network contact potential difference, step potential difference, step and touch voltages;

4。 Measurement of large grounding network transfer potential;

5。 Measure the ground down lead on resistance;

6。 Measurement of soil resistivity

grounding resistance tester basic description

grounding resistance tester is the commonly used for testing ground resistance measurement instrument, and electrical safety check and grounding project completion acceptance of the indispensable tools in years due to the rapid development of computer technology, so the grounding resistance tester, the large number of grounding resistance tester microprocessor technology, and its measurement function, content and accuracy is general instrument can not be compared. The current advanced ground resistance tester can meet the requirement of measurement, all. Using the method of new type of jaw, need not dozen to pile pay-off directly online measurement. A powerful ground resistance tester are controlled by microprocessor, can automatically detect the network interface connection condition and the interference voltage, frequency, and has the unique function such as numerical keep and smart tips.

clip-on grounding resistance meter is a major breakthrough in the traditional grounding resistance measurement technology, widely used in electric power, telecommunications, meteorology, oil field, construction and industrial electrical equipment grounding resistance measurement. Clip-on earthing resistance meter in the measurement circuit grounding system, does not need to disconnect the ground down lead, does not need auxiliary electrodes, safe fast and easy to use. Clip-on grounding resistance meter to measure the grounding fault can't be measured by the traditional methods, can be applied to traditional method can't measure, because the clip-on grounding resistance meter to measure the grounding body resistance and comprehensive value of the lead resistance. Clip-on grounding resistance meter has a long jaw and round jaw. Long jaw is suitable for the occasion of flat ground.

grounding resistance tester note

1, grounding line should disconnect with the protected equipment, to ensure the accuracy of measurement results.

2, measured near the ends of the earth, there can be no stray current and polarization of the soil.

3, after the rain, and soil absorbs water too much, and sharp changes such as climate, temperature, pressure cannot be measured.

4, probe should be far away from the underground pipes, cables, railway, and other large metal body, the current should be far away from the more than 10 m, voltage should be far away from more than 50 m, such as the metal body and ground net. through no connection, can shorten distance 1/2 ~ 1/3.

5, cable insulation should be used good conductor, so as not to have leakage phenomenon.

6, pay attention to the position of current pole inserted into the soil, should make the grounding rods in a state of zero potential.

7, the test time of the appropriate choice of soil resistivity, such as winter or summer dry season.

8, test site cannot have electrolytic material and rotting corpses, lest cause illusion.

9, when galvanometer sensitivity high voltage potential probe can be extremely shallow some, insert the soil when galvanometer sensitivity is not enough, along the probe water injection can make it wet.

10, check up the accuracy of the instrument at any time.

11, grounding resistance tester should be kept in the indoor maintain its environmental temperature 0 ℃ to 40 ℃, relative humidity of not more than 80, and in the air can't contain enough to cause corrosion of harmful substances.

12, tester, when using, handling, storage should avoid strong vibration.

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