Hand-held laser dust particle counter and characteristics of the application

by:HoldPeak     2020-06-05
The instrument of the technical indicators meet the national metrology administration issued JJG547 - 88 verification code requirements, the function of the whole machine adopts microcomputer control, test results can be directly printed. Has the function of multiple, high measurement precision, high speed, easy to carry and simple operation and other hand-held laser dust particle counter. Application: clean room testing; The filter field test, the rule; Super clean bench, biological safety cabinet can be monitoring, HVAC system, computer room, food and beverage packaging environment, production environment, medicine and medical instrument hospital clean operating room, car painting environment and so on need to clean areas of hand-held laser dust particle counter features: 1. Light weight, small volume, easy to use 2. Long-lasting lithium-ion batteries, long time continuous measurement of 3. 320; 240 high resolution large screen display, convenient for observation. Mass storage, more than 1000 set of data storage
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