Handheld instrument working principle of wind speed and direction

by:HoldPeak     2020-06-05
Handheld instrument wind speed and direction of the wind section supported by protecting the wind cup retainer. By the vane, the wind axis and the dial, etc, in the direction of the wind on the dial of magnet and the direction of the wind dial magnetic compass is used to determine the direction of the wind. When rotate in the direction of the wind scale nut shell under the tray, the tray plate hold up or down, the wind direction from prototype bearing and shaft tip or contact. Handheld wind speed by indicating value of the wind vane of the wind direction pointer in the direction of the wind scale to determine the stability of the position. Handheld instrument wind speed and direction of wind speed sensor adopts the traditional three cups of spinning frame structure. It will wind speed linear transform into the speed of the rotating frame. In order to reduce the starting wind speed, using with molding light wind cup, cone bearing support, and on the rotating frame shaft fixed a dentate leaves, when the rotating frame rotating in the wind, shaft to drive the blades rotating, dentate blade cutting beam continuously in the light path of photoelectric switch, linear transform into a photoelectric switch to wind speed of the output pulse frequency. Handheld wind instrument in the single chip microcomputer sampling, for the wind sensor output frequency is calculated. Zui instrument output after the instantaneous wind speed, average wind speed, the instantaneous wind scale, one minute one minute average wind scale, average wind scale wind scale corresponding to the wave height. Measured parameters on the instrument of liquid crystal display with digital display directly. Instrument in order to reduce the power consumption, portable wind instrument of the sensor and MCU has taken special measures to reduce power consumption. In order to guarantee the reliability of data, handheld wind instrument with the power supply voltage detection circuit. When the power supply voltage in 3. About 3 v, instrument display shows undervoltage, prompt the user power supply voltage is too bottom data is not reliable should replace the battery in time. Handheld wind speed and direction within the instrument also has the power control circuit, circuit is used to replace the mechanical switch to control the instrument power.
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