Handheld weather instrument maintenance guide

by:HoldPeak     2020-06-06
The advanced computer technology and sensor technology, the reliability of the instrument is greatly improved. Chinese characters display screen can be displayed at the same time a number of measurement data; All Chinese menu. Man-machine conversation function screen display, more intuitive to use. Convenient health disk operating mode, and manual input of ship speed, heading; Parameter unit adopts 240 x 128 dot matrix LCD, even at night or blackout, can clearly show the measurement data; Through the army inspection 'and 'substituting' quality, shows the instrument; With the functions of its unique sound and light winds according to user requirements any preset alarm wind speed value; Instrument equipped with a micro printer, the user can according to need to put the measuring data automatically or manually print file. The print time

according to user requirements; any preset Instrument is equipped with an external [ 译本) 。 Satellite positioning system interface; The user can according to the [ 译本) Preset protocols provide data; Instrument is equipped with an external [ VDR] 。 The recorder ( Commonly known as black boxes) The system interface; The user can according to the [ VDR] Agreement provide several

according to preset;

in the environment is very important to detect each, the environment temperature and humidity, wind direction, wind speed and rainfall monitoring, etc. , this several detection has a unique meaning, rainfall and wind speed monitoring for train operation safety is of important indexes of Hitachi, especially great significance for the safety of the aircraft flight. The temperature and humidity monitoring is to guide our usual changes in temperature. Rainfall monitoring can use self-recording rain gauge, and the wind speed of detection is to use the wind anemometer for operation, the temperature and humidity can help monitor the temperature and humidity. These instruments are described in the form of a sensor to measure the environment of each parameter, so how to maintain at ordinary times the environment the recorder? Monitoring of temperature and humidity sensor, at the time of measurement to direct contact with the environment air, so at the time of measurement should pay attention to the environment to choose measurement, not long in the land of high quantitative measure learn elements of environment, the chemical elements in order to avoid environmental damage to the sensor, and at the same time to carry out regular maintenance, prolong the service life of equipment. The maintenance of rainfall sensor. Rain rain sensor and measuring cylinder maintenance, regular check at least once a month, remove dust, sand and gravel, grass, insect nest, etc. , so as to avoid pipeline, mesh. Skip the lining if there is dirt, wash with water. When maintenance, should disconnect signal cables. Second in winter, we rain sensor is covered with a lid, this is put an end to pollution and prevent freezing. The direction and velocity of wind sensor measurements, at any time if there is a card lag phenomenon observed wind speed sensor. If the wind cable plug a loose screw will cause the lack of measuring wind direction, conduct regular inspection at the same time, check to see if the equipment normal operation, prolong the service life of equipment at the same time, increase the accuracy of the measurement results.

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