Health care function of the negative ions

by:HoldPeak     2020-06-13

health care principle is mainly because of the negative ions and negative ions have antioxidant ( Reducing) The prominent role of anti-aging, and the oxidation resistance of the anion

related figure (anion Reducing) Is a basic chemical principle, chemical reaction is the shell on the exchange of electronic, loss of electrons called oxidation, electron is called reduction, loss of electronic molecules ( Group) Or display electropositivity is called positive ions, atoms gain excess electron molecule ( Group) Or call anion shows electronegative atom. So small particle size of anion with negative potential, namely have extra electrons, can complement to senescent cells or blood electronics. So as to realize antioxidant anti-aging, reduce the role of free radicals. Anion is to obtain extra electronic negative oxygen ion. Lipid in organisms, electronic be plundered and oxidized to age spots; Protein electron be plundered, cell function disorder; Gene electronic be plundered, will have cancer. In organisms, this kind of plunder electronic material known as free radicals, from quantum medical level, the electrons are robbing is the source of diseases. Similarly, iron rust, rock weathering, decay, are the result of oxidation. Negative oxygen ion with negative potential, the excess of the electronic, electronic added to the free radicals, and reduction of free radicals which eliminate the free radicals, and itself into oxygen O2.

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