Highway automatic meteorological monitoring system

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-16

highway meteorological monitoring system, as the name implies, its main role is according to the climate data of expressway monitoring equipment, highway meteorological monitoring system can realize the monitoring data is: temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, dew point, precipitation, air pressure, ground temperature, visibility, such as climate data and information, because the highway automatic meteorological monitoring system for highway monitoring, so a system often include weather monitoring stations more! Are generally mass installation, in order to avoid unnecessary waste of money, so the highway meteorological stations equipment can according to the needs of users for users with suitable meteorological monitoring elements!

highway automatic meteorological monitoring system itself part of a sensor, bracket, power supply system, communication system, lightning protection system, sensor itself means each monitoring meteorological sensors, each monitoring stations will need a meteorological support, to install the meteorological monitoring sensors, monitoring data through wireless transmission way to transmit data to the control room, through the computer terminal display between! As for the power supply system, highway automatic meteorological station monitoring system of each monitoring point can support the battery power supply ( Can be installed solar panels) And the mains power supply, the user can according to their own needs to choose the right means of power! Other monitoring stations need to install the lightning protection measures. Such as zhengzhou in the highway of rice production in automatic weather station equipment come with lightning protection components! More safety!

highway automatic meteorological monitoring system features, in addition to the normal amount of temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, and the visibility, road monitoring, all know high-speed driving, once encounter heavy fog weather, often easy to cause accidents, visibility monitoring sensor can not only track of expressway of the fog, can also for sand, dust and other inclement weather visibility for real-time monitoring, when visibility is unusual, timely remind staff to stop for highway blockade! Other pavement condition monitoring is mainly for road table, drying temperature, dew point temperature, wet, wet, residual salt content, moisture, ice and snow of the data monitoring, meet the temperature underground, road surface wet condition, is easy to freeze, is not conducive to safe driving! Through data collection and monitoring measures.

the current highway automatic meteorological monitoring system in the domestic many roads have begun to use, has achieved good effect! As people living standard rise, after high speed travel is a kind of common phenomenon. Believe in the future, the highway automatic meteorological monitoring system will be installed in more and more high speed road! To provide security for the people's safety travel!

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