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HoldPeak Latest uv lux meter Suppliers for electronic

HoldPeak Latest uv lux meter Suppliers for electronic

HoldPeak Latest uv lux meter Suppliers for electronic

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Company Advantages
1. Our uv lux meter has its own style than other products thanks to the support of our excellent staff. The product features an ergonomic design to ensure its maximum ease of use
2. This product can stand the test of time, providing people with a timeless beauty that they always treasure. Its battery cover can be opened to replace the battery and fuse
3. Apart from the quality meeting the industry standard, the product also has a longer service life compared with others.
4. This product has stable performance and long service life. The product features dust-proof membrane keys
5. The product has been inspected to strict quality standards. With its plastic housing, the product is easy to clean

Your purchase of this DIGITAL LUX METER marks a step forward for you into the field of precision measurements. Although this LUX meter is a complex and delicate instruments, it’s ruggedness will allow many years of use if proper operating techniques are developed. Please read the following instructions carefully and always keep this manual within easy reach.

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Model NumberHP-881D
DisplayMaximum reading value display 3999
Ranges1-400,000Lux.;Resolution: 0.1Lux/Fc
Accuracy≤10,000Lux: ±4%rdg±0.5%f.s; ≥10,000Lux:±5%+10digits(Calibrated to standard incandescent lamp at color temperature 2856K)
Repeatability±2%; Temperature:±1℃
Photo detectorone silicon photo diode with filter
Operation temperature-humidity-0℃ to 40℃(32℉-104℉)  0~70%Rh
Storage temperature-humidity-10℃ to 50℃(14℉-122℉)  0~80%Rh
Weightapprox. 188 g (including battery)
Power Supplytwo1.5V battery
Consumption current approx3mA

Recommended illuninaton


Conference, reception room


Clerical work


Typing drafting



Packing work, entrance passage


Visual work at production line


Inspection work


Electronic parts assembly line



Public room, cloakroom


Reception, cashier



Indoors stairs corridor


Show window, packing table


Forefront of show window



Sickroom, warehouse


Medical examination room


Operation room, emergency treatment



Auditorium, indoor gymnasium


Class room


Laboratory, library, drafting room


Product Features

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1) Precise and easy readout.
2) High accuracy in measuring.
3) LSI-circuit use provides high reliability and durability.
4) Permits a wide range of light measurements.
5) LOW BATTERY indicator.
6) Adjusting zero automatically and excellent operation.
7) LCD display provides low power consumption and clearly read out evening high ambient light.
8) Separate LIGHT SENSOR allows user take measurements at an optimum position.


1.Photo detector
2.LCD display
3.Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature conversion
4.Range select button .Long press to exit RANGE state and enters the AUTO state
5.Short press can record data, press once time will record a data.
6.MAX and MIN selection button.
7.Back Light Button Switch
8.Press the “REL” key, the meter enters relative measuring mode, “REL” is displayed on the LCD and the present reading becomes the reference value and displayed on the display
9.Select FC units. When reading data state, Press the  look down keys
10.The switch button, press the first boot, twice will shutdown.
11.Select the Lux units.
HOLD key: Press the “HOLD” key to lock display
12.value, and the “DH” sign will appear on the display, press it again to exit

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1.Connect the battery, and then press the button to “ON”
2.Remove the photo detector cap and face it to light source in a horizontal position
3.Read the test value from the LCD display
4.Over range: if the instrument only display one “OL” in the LCD, the input signal is too strong, and a higher range should be selected
5.Data-Hold mode: press the HOLD key to select Hold model. When HOLD mode is selected, the LUX meter stops all further measurements and the test value with hold on the LCD. Press the button “HOLD” to the “ON”, the hold value will be cancelled
6.When the measurement is completed, replace the photo detector cap and turn the power selector OFF
7.When testing on strong light source(over 100k lux),the measure head need to close to light source slowly for measure .if can't test,move measure head away and test it again


1.It is necessary to replace another one 9V battery, when left corner of LCD display show“”
2.After turning off the meter, press the battery cover and push in the direction of the arrow to open
3.Disconnect the batter from the instrument and replace it with a standard 9-volt transistor battery and go for the cover.

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    1) The white plastic disc on the top of the detector should be cleaned with a damp cloth when necessary


    2) Do not store the instrument where temperature or humidity is excessively high


    3) The reference level, as marker on the face plate, is the tiof thep photo detector globe


    4) he calibration interval for the photo detector will vary according to operational conditions, but generally the sensitivity decreases in direct proportion to the product of luminous intensity by the operational time. In order to maintain the basic accuracy of the instrument, periodic calibration is recommended

Product certificate

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Company Features
1. With professional staff and strict management, Zhuhai JiDa Huapu Instrument Co.,Ltd has grown to be a internationally famous uv lux meter manufacturer. With strong technical expertise and advanced management, Zhuhai JiDa Huapu Instrument Co.,Ltd produces many kinds of hand light meter .
2. With salient capability in technology, Zhuhai JiDa Huapu Instrument Co.,Ltd is superior than other companies in output and quality of light meter for photography price .
3. Advanced technology greatly improves the quality and performance of light meter for measuring led . Zhuhai JiDa Huapu Instrument Co.,Ltd aims to create a new brand for industrial lux meter and create a new market space. Welcome to visit our factory!
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