Hot-wire anemometer is what

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-16

what is hot type anemometer

thermal anemometer is a handheld portable instrument measuring wind speed, small volume, easy to carry. Now is widely used in measuring pipeline, the target environment, meteorology, hvac, environmental protection, energy conservation monitoring measurement of wind speed, agriculture and other occasions.

at present, the market popular thermal anemometer is with the method of thermal balance measurement of wind speed, the use of heating wire or film in the measurement, the loss of heat how much to the relationship of the size of the wind speed and wind speed measurement. Current thermal anemometer mainly adopts two work modes: constant current and constant temperature.

cross-flow refers to maintain the current size of a metal platinum resistance is constant, when the temperature drop caused by the heat resistance, resistance will also change. Therefore, by measuring the change of the voltage in the circuit can get the size of the wind speed. Anemometer is to keep constant temperature type metal platinum resistance temperature is constant, when the heat loss in the process of measurement, when the temperature drops will by the size of the feedback system to change the current in the circuit, in order to maintain the current temperature is constant. Then, can be obtained through the current relationship between the change of wind speed of wind speed. The characteristics of the thermal anemometer: single point sensor to measure fluid velocity; High precision sensor calibration; High spatial resolution and high frequency.

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