How do you use the anemometer

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-22

anemometer, how to correctly use the

wuhan anemometer, do you know how to use the correct? Below small make up to introduce for you, hope to be able to help you.

we are in the use of anemometer, be careful not to use in environment with combustible gas. And we don't do STH without authorization of anemometer to be modified or removed, this is very dangerous, it is easy to cause fire or electric shock. When to use the anemometer, must strictly according to the requirements of our manual, to correct the use of strict, once did not properly used, it is possible the damage of the sensor, electric shock or fire.

when using anemometer, if found to have sound, the smell of smoke or abnormal, so we have to stop using, check is where there is a problem. Our anemometer that don't speak probe and ontology exposed in the rain, or produces dangerous situation for us, and the inside of the probe sensor be careful not to touch.

when we place the anemometer, be careful not to in high temperature and wet, more dust, where they can directly to sunlight, or the internal devices may be damaged, or problems with the performance of the anemometer. We at the time of the anemometer is wiped, must not to be able to use volatile liquid, or possible deformation situation.

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