How to choose and temperature and humidity measuring instrument

by:HoldPeak     2020-06-06

the characteristics of temperature and humidity measuring instrument: u shape bags, small portable

u response time: 60 seconds!

u automatic shutdown, data retention!

painted with dew point! ! !

u ℃ / ℉ switching function.

u C. D。 : 89/336 / EEC and standard: EN50081 - 1/1992,EN50082 - 1 - 1997 temperature and humidity measuring instrument of choose and buy should consider several questions 1. Price: the selection of temperature and humidity meter, it is good to not only consider the price low, should select comprehensive price and performance. This includes price, life, maintenance, calibration costs.

2。 Easy operation: choose instrument must choose simple operation type, bring convenient 2 testing process. Check: check the methods and is easy to consider, even if you don't need high accuracy of the results. In the field and in-situ calibration convenient instrument will save your work. 3. Durable: hygrometer sensor and the shell should consider whether through condensation, drying, extreme temperature, dust, chemical, or other contamination. 4. Quality reliability and life expectancy: quality is bad, can be starting from the overall impression, inspects the quality appraisal and factory standards, at the manufacturer's history, reputation, market share, and its application, the product is better than general products, professional manufacturers of the product is better than that of the side factory, consulting other users is also a very good method. 5. Adaptability: usage is not a single one, want to consider the adaptability of the instrument. 6. Change: general hope hygrometer can be used interchangeably or other probes to cooperate with your host. 7. Regular cleaning and maintenance: review hygrometer update, change of the time required. 8. Standby: spare parts for the majority of users are indispensable, examine whether the supplier can provide the required spare parts on time. 9. After-sales service: is there a guarantee, maintenance and service agreements. Chose the suitable temperature and humidity measuring instrument, will provide your work efficiency, reduce workload, bring the benefits to you and your production.
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